What, MORE?

Blindsight. Cuff.
I realized us gals just want sparkly. Never had an item with rhinestones take long to sell. Plus the contrast with the rustic leather.
Not that it's all about selling, of course. I don't know what it's all about. Though it is jewelry, it does have to be appealing after all.

Blindsight. Cuff.

I've been getting some grief lately about my prices being too low, so I'm raising them again. Which makes me think only rich people can buy the stuff and that they should be giving the $$ to charity.
That makes no sense. Happens where you're raised by ex-socialists. Expensive things seem innately bad.

The Alien Brain. Necklace.
The Alien Brain.
That and I'm a natural cheapy cheapskate, so I only shop at Target. So I never see jewelry for more than 15 bucks.

The Alien Brain. Necklace.
What do y'all think of the big-ass pictures?
It's all a psychological mess. But it's not the worst of my messes. Why do I avoid the phone at all costs? What is wrong with me?

Mirror Neurons and the Growth of Culture. Cuff.
Mirror Neurons and the Growth of Culture.
Mirror Neurons and the Growth of Culture. Cuff.What I'm talking about is my left hand kills and I have to call my hand surgeon and I haven't.  What the ef is my problem? Imna go do it now.

Mirror Neurons and the Growth of Culture. Cuff.


~Debi said...

Love the "big-ass" pics; love the Mirror Neurons bracelet.

I also avoid the phone. I try to get the hubby to take care of stuff that entails phone calls or talking to people in general. I have social anxiety disorder though. lol

fanciful devices said...

ok, but see- I have NO social anxiety whatsoever!
I'm glad you like the big-asses, I'll try to use more.

stregata said...

Big-ass pics are great. And of course the jewelry must be appealing - silly girl! And it is. Why else do we all squeal with delight when you make new stuff? Blindsight is fantastic. As for the bling - well, I don't know what it is with that, but all the girls seem to love it in one way or another...

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I avoid the phone too, I hate it. I don't know why, I never used to. Sometimes I even hate emailing people.

And I feel the same way about prices- I have to put mine up in the next few days, I'm trying to assign a whole afternoon to it so I can use that excuse to put it off longer. I've got the same thing as you- expensive equally socially evil. I can't sit with the idea that some of my necklaces should be well over 100. But the longer I put it off the longer I also detain being able to make a living from this. It's either higher prices or considerably more stock! And I already work myself too hard.