What are you up to?

Me? Oh just checking the carburetor.  

That's what I tell Mr. Hubs when he asks what I'm up to. I'm all, What do you think? I've suddenly taken up home auto repair? I'm making jewelry of course! That's all I ever do. 

I don't even know what a carburetor is, fer crissakes.
 Oh these 2 are soon-to-be cuffs made from an old leather bookmark, a souvenir from Chile.

Here a little embossed eye on some found filigree...

I'm thinking of leaving the leather as-is because of the wonderfully primitive flowers painted on. Gosh I love these kinds of things! A scuffed-up old leather bookmark! Where else but in Uruguay could you find such an odd treasure?

Here's what I wasted all of Friday with- this unnecessarily complicated hammered and riveted chain length. Curse you missficklemedia! It was her gorgeous black chain that got me wanting cool round artisan linkage.

And I just listed these...

And this mamba-jamba. 
Oh yeah, you're getting the big ol' pictures for this.

Occam's Razor and the Multiverse.

I worry there might be just a tad too much going on here- what with the already quite involved focal AND secondary focal...

Occam's Razor and the Multiverse.

But what the hell, lately I've been getting such fan mail as has me oh so overly confident with myself and my every instinct. Though you know how after big successes artists sort of repeat their own formulas? I'm thinking pop stars here. Anybody? Know what I'm talking about? Anyways.... Yeah, can't get too pleased.

Occam's Razor and the Multiverse.

You know, it's been a while since I thanked you all for the comments. I really love to get them, they're extremely validating. And the funniest one so far, from steufel: "Aluminium beware! she is coming after you:-)" Had me giggling my tush off. It's funny because it's true. No, really- the fancy chain I made? Aluminum links!


fancylinda said...

Oh wow, I LOVE the two cuffs! Especially the bookmark/eye one. I think you should leave the flower pattern on it exactly as is. And I think I should start saving up some money for a future purchase!

~Debi said...

Love the cuffs!

stregata said...

I'm still trying to understand where you 'wasted' Friday - looks like time very well spent to me. And Occam's Razor... is perfect! And absolutely gorgeous too - just sayin!

Tina said...

The double-wrap necklaces in this post and the last one are so damned badass -- and I'm loving the bookmark cuffs.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

You're like me- you think time is wasted if you haven't made 1000 things!

My Mum comes into my studio of an evening and says 'what have you been up to today?' and I wanna say 'oh I went to the moon and organised equal rights for reindeer.' Cause seriously, what do I do in this room? Every day? All day? OH YEAH make art!