Turns out it's not so easy to make things with just one hand while buzzed on pain meds.

Like here where I was so tunnel-vision-y making this sort of inner-pyramid thing that I didn't stop myself when it started looking like the sort of frothy blood that might come out of your mouth if your orthodontist was drunk while tightening your braces.

 Though this one turned out....

Until I put it on the ol' gal and realized it was waaay too long. Your cleavage will look like it comes pre-groped with this one.

OK, but these turned out. When in doubt- add rhinestones! But c'mon- betcha didn't expect me to have those exact rhinestone bars that fit perfectly over the size I cut the earring-majiggies into. On the crappy side- turns out that when you oxidize aluminum, you loose every bit of detail on a religious medal. Oh well. This way it looks mysterious, right?  Right?

So. This one looks good, right? But then look:

What the hell is this?

I even tried whatever the ef this is. Ugh.

On the upside, this one worked!

So you get another shot of it. Cuz it's all I gots!
Though I do have an anecdote:
We're watching TV, the Hubsicle and I, and there's this ad for a show and in it a demon lady is eating a dead guy and she says, "My first Croatian. Hmm, tastes like Serbian."
A couple minutes go by and Hubs is all, "Oh I just got that."  And I go, "Whats to get?" And he goes, "Well, at first I was like, whats that got to do with seafood?"
And I go, "Whaaaa---? ... What does anything have to do wi--- Aaaahahahaha! CRUSTACEAN!!!"
And then peed myself laughing. Cuz yeah, what did it have to do with seafood? The connection was via Hubs' ridiculousness.


Regina said...

If I had to hide vampire bite marks I could wear that cuff around my neck, that would be perfect. Hope your hand feels better.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I was gunna say 'that don't look so bad' on the pyramid thing but the more I looked at it the more I could feel the whole blood thing.

I love that you're blogging fails. I should do that, I've got a shoebox full of unharmonious almost-cuffs alone. Seriously. My drug is self-doubt, and it's a hooker like nobody's business.

Jenna said...

Put some ribbon on the cuff instead of a chain and it would make a perfect headband!