Tanglestones. Shoulder Length Dangles.
 I chose the name as a warning, since big chunks on long thin strands are sure to be trouble. I even took a picture of them tangled to add to the listing, so no one can complain.

Tanglestones. Shoulder Length Dangles.

Lovers Disgrace. Cuff.
Lovers Disgrace. Cuff.
This one was a lot of fun. The frayed rhinestone trim on the piece of belt. In fact the belt piece is just one layer of a belt, the top ripped off to become something else... Also finally found a use for that gorgeous jet stone fancylinda sent me.

Lovers Disgrace. Cuff.

The House of Wisdom. Cut Saucer Earrings.
The House of Wisdom.
This was a little decorative plate. I hammered up some sterling earwires... quite fun.

The Angel of Spheres. Neck Piece.
The Angel of Spheres.
I showed y'all the beginnings of this one ages ago. Oh, I'm so happy with it! It's so cute. But not. Doesnt it look like a little Native American figure holding up 2 birds as if for a ceremony of some kind? I did some fancy riveting and stuff to mount the dapped coin:

The Angel of Spheres. Neck Piece.

The Angel of Spheres. Neck Piece.
Well, that's all I have to report for now. I feel like I should have more to say.  Jeez I just realized I'm watching Paul Blart Mall Cop. Here I have shop fans who think I'm all deep.


Corvid Delights said...

I couldn't even sit through that movie. :) Shaking my head over here just recalling the "depth" of that film. Love the Angel of Spheres piece, and I like the cautionary front loading on the Tanglestones earrings. xo!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Man that is one FANCI coin mount!! Puts me to shame, I did some tinkering on a belt buckle to get it to stay even, I was so proud of it but yours makes mine look like KMart next to Gucci!

Nah not really- mine's still good. But yours is fabtastic. It's funny what we see in things, I was looking at the back of that and thinking 'WOW it's got tiny hammers on it!!! Then I realised they were the back of the birds.

fanciful devices said...

omg- they look exactly like little hammers!!!

Claire Maunsell said...

Love the tanglestones, tangled or not, just the sort of necklace that appeals to me. The cuff is incredible too...just love looking here most days, but don't always comment (I should)!