I offer you this chunky old Indian bead.
Phantom Limb. Necklace.Phantom Limb.
I shortened this and it looks pretty good.

Phantom Limb. Necklace.

I added some Azo yellow to fix this one.

Sorrows Grown Fruitful. Split Saucer Hoops.Sorrows Grown Fruitful.
Made these - and listed them in about 2 seconds!

Sorrows Grown Fruitful. Split Saucer Hoops.

They Pyre Reserved for a Mother's Crimes. Oversized Hoops.
They Pyre Reserved for a Mother's Crimes.

They Pyre Reserved for a Mother's Crimes. Oversized Hoops.

Duuuudes! So, Numinosity won my giveaway, and look what she sent me after getting her earrings:
First this teapot I was obsessed with  w/o realizing it was from her supply shop.

These CRAZY glass head pins and discs she made.

And which you can see more of in her lampwork shop.

And this crazy huge thing from her pet elephant. All in a cute handmade envelope with cute ephemera. Thank you Numinosity!


missficklemedia.com said...

What a great necklace!
And gifts! Do you really own an elephant tooth? That is so far out!

NuminosityBeads said...

Actually it's a moose's tooth! The rest of it is in my freezer.
Thanks for the shout out. In hindsight I thought maybe you would have preferred etched disks to go with your look
It's fun picking out things people may like besed on what I know of their style.
xoxo Kim

fanciful devices said...

I made that up about the elephant. Wait. you have a moose in your fridge?
I rub wax on stuff to take out the shine, if that's what you mean by etched. If not, then.... yes, I'll take some etched disks.

NuminosityBeads said...

So I'm sitting here on a washed out farmer's market day scrolling through a backlog of your old posts since I have so e high speed internet and found this comment of yours that I never answered.
I use an acid etching solution called " EtchAll" to take down the shine on my lampwork. I am currently out of but I have some etching cream that I must have gotten at Michael's or Ben Franklin years ago which works but is messier. might as well use it up.
I hope to make some more of those drops soon, just waiting for my wrist to heal up from a salmon dipnetting marathon whichmade it swell up and actually creak like a rusty transformer.
xoxo Kim