Seen the new etsy listing tool? Is it a tool or a page? Either way, when I went to list these:
Sadness which of course is joy. Religious Medal Earrings.Sadness which of course is joy.

No One Hears It. Necklace.No One Hears It.

When I went to list those I was all surprised and disoriented. Kept thinking I must be forgetting something. Sure went a lot faster. And, as I keep telling my Mexican students, in this country, time is money! And then they laugh. It's easy to make them laugh.

So, since the ol' hands aren't working too well, and what's more, I have a little niece and nephew visiting for the next few days, I thought I'd offer some more loot. This might just be the most purely 'destash' lot, but we'll see if anyone's interested.
Now, if you are interested, click for larger images.

Cuz I'm thinking I'm too sleepy to add descriptions.

'cept to say this is from Uruguay.

And that's a clay pipe stem from London peeking out there.

And Uruguay.


What, can't you read? It clearly says "TWEENEEN HALVE BKJFYDUDMBNKBURWT......"

Faux cinnabon. Delicious hot, cinnabon from the Chinese tradition.
A buncha microscope slides, and stuff.

From India.

From Afghanistan.

From Uruguay.

Film roll, big baby blue drop and ring I've opened from Opulent Oddities.

Yup, a bed from an old printers block stamp. 2 bones. AB grey seed beads, a little tiny fish plate.

A compass thing, coin, antique watch face...
 Wasn't I going to not describe this? Let's go back to that shall we?

The following were taken at night, thus ... thus I'm too sleepy to think of how to end sentences.

Fish buckle.
Sooooooooo........ any interest? $35? $40? 


Little Brown Sparrow said...

I could take- there's about 50% of that is useful to me, but I'd pay $30 for it and then just tell you what to leave out so the shipping is cheaper? (Which I assume I'll pay for.) Most of the really heavy shit I can't use anyway.

SO what DO you need now? Cause you know I've always gotta bucket of stuff with 'fanci' written on it.

Marin said...

I'd be down for the rest, the really heavy shit, 'specially if its metal. Holla.

richelle said...

Looks like it's pretty much spoken for, but I would be interested in any/all of the beads you've shown if there are leftovers.