Grubby Fingers

War Madrigals. Double Wrap Bracelet.

War Madrigals.
War Madrigals. Double Wrap Bracelet.I don't really have anything new to say for myself since last post. My hand hasn't let me make anything and it's driving me nuts. On the plus side- my one-handed typing is getting awesome! But really, the actual good news is I'm having my next operation March 13. Next and final I should say.
Joy Transcending Trance.
Joy Transcending Trance.

I also think I know why my camera has been taking these blurry pics. I know- you're gonna say they're not that blurry. But I just spent my blood, sweat and tears to photoshop them back to acceptable. And they're barely, barely acceptable at that. Where was I?
Capgras. The Fraudulent Twin.
Capgras. The Fraudulent Twin.

So I think either my hubs or I (but, come on, it was him) put one of our grubby fingers on the lens. Cuz it totally looks like the whole 'vaseline lens' thing they used to do in the olden days. Of yore. Doesn't it look like that?  Aren't I a smart smarty pants for figuring that out? 


And though I'd much rather just retake the pictures, turns out it's a pain in the  ass to do with just one hand. Along with everything else under the sun.
Rudimentary Aesthetics. Adjustable Choker with Semiprecious Stones.
Rudimentary Aesthetics.

I'm wondering if it's possible to sell anything with these crap pictures. I guess we'll see.


Little Brown Sparrow said...

I don't think they're that crap! Especially since you're practically drumming for Def Leppard right now.

And yay for surgery!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Oh and I meant to say I'm having a heart attack at how simple your new things are lately, and still they are so freakin awesome.

Marin said...

Does your camera have a macro mode? Try playing with the white balance?
The pieces are gorgeous! I love the sooty look goin on.

Corvid Delights said...

All these pieces are just beautiful I love those tiny jet earrings, and Rudimentary Aesthetics, the contrast in components is wonderful. You constantly amaze me.

fancylinda said...

March 13? I hope that is a typo. You need your hand back long before then, so you can make lots and lots more beautiful jewelry!

NuminosityBeads said...

I couldn't do what you do with one hand. I have to be careful not to. do the same craft more than two days inn a row or I pay with pain but. not to the. degree that you are enduring. How frustrating. I hope that the surgery repairs and cures this setback.
Expect a package from m me soon!
xoxo Kim

fanciful devices said...

um. MAY 13th. not a typo so much as my own psyche existing quite outside of time.
cuz im mysterious that way.

fanciful devices said...

Damn. JUNE. I mean JUNE.
did i mention im using pain meds?

fancylinda said...

Oh, June is MUCH better than next March! I hope your hand feels better soon.