Lots n Lots

OK, so I got requests to sell some of my supplies (just directly over paypal so no etsy fees). And I am freaking out from having too much, so It's time to clear some out. However, it's only really worth my while if I sell a bunch at a time, so here's the 1st lot.
The stars of the show are these 2 pieces of heavy bronze hardware. If you have a dapping block, the top one would make a killer cuff.

So I figure $8 for each.

This is a salt shaker that would make a great pendant- the holes are already there!  $4.

Here's an unusual thing that looks like a knob and a thinnish soldered fossil, a couple pearls and an antique watch face. $5.

Here's the knob thing upside down. A bronze or brass caduceus sheild, a big angel, maybe plastic, a hyper-oxidized drawer pull, a woven leather shank button and a big dome shank button, a hand finding and some hyper oxidized bead caps, a big black metal ring and alligator clip.  $2.

One complete bronze baby spoon with a rose carved at the base. 2 spoon handles of thick metal, one is already partially dapped into an arc. Some dark large-link chain, an oxidized drop, a tigereye coin on a hammered wire, a very distressed old pinback button. The spoons are valuable, so $8.

OK, what else. This pretty heavy sea turtle. This knight's head shield thing. A little star,a heart, 2 unusual small keys, tiny dark mop button, another rusty pinback, some hyper oxidized coins, a large oxidized drawer pull, a couple of square ornate nailheads, 2 hyper oxidized Chinese charms, a plastic faceted drop w/cap and loop, painted black and sanded. $6

Some bones, a big silver cuff link, some more coins, a huge octagonal chandelier crystal, more coins, a itty bitty watch body. A bunch of tiny worn faux pearls and tiny mop buttons. Other stuff. $3.

A color corner including big ceramic beads of purple and red. $1


More stuff.

2 antique Afghan kuchi charms and a heart that seems to have cow hide in it. A little star.

A little plane! A really cool shank you can see in the upper left.
OK, I added everything up and it totals $45. Phew. That sounds steep. But there will be room left in the  priority box which I'll fill with beads and chain. I'll throw in free shipping, but that's still not cheap... Maybe big lots are too much.
Any takers?  (if more than 1 person wants it i can easily make more lots)
Oh and P.S., I've lowered a bunch of prices in the shop just cuz I feel like clearing out some stuff.


richelle said...

I will purchase it all for $45 free shipping. Deal? I should have read it more carefully--what is your paypal address?

Lisa said...

Looks like this one got snapped up...I'd love to have a box full if you have more stuff you'd like to clear out.

richelle said...

However, I am thinking now I can't really use the first 2 items. So, if you'd be willing to subtract those, I would take everything else.

~Debi said...

Argh! I missed it!