bufoar unaftur

So my benefactress charged me with re-doing this paper bead piece that she loved but the red beads were plastic and even worse than they look in this 'before' pic. Plus you can't tell but there's bright gold links all throughout distracting from the goodness. So yeah I took a strand of this amazing coral or whatever it is and re-made it.(OK, excuse the uberboobs.) I added dangles to each tip, which the original just had empty hoops as the tip ends, and to me that is a no-no.

I managed to use much more coral than the original had used plastic red bead, so I ran out. However, this gave me the chance to add a touch of Victorian to the tribal- a length of book chain. Did you know this stuff is called book chain? I didn't. Another lesson from the wild world web.

Oh and I made some earrings. These were little pendants. The tops slide open. I removed the bottom dangles and the boring glass stone cabs and filled with my own.... my own patron's goodies.

Finally got my mitts on some real-life basha beads. These photos don't do them a bit of justice.
But they're all mixed in with rough apatite, aquamarine, pearls and Roman glass. Even a couple dangles I took off those previous earrings. Finished with a set of spikes from ScorchedEarth. Have you seen some of the awesomeness our little Petra's been coming up with lately?
Porcelain and Bronze DanglersDeconstructed Orb 8Disky Spike Danglers TigeraugePorcelain Disky DanglersBam!   And in a similar vein: 

My last pair from LydiasLampwork, which I had a lot of fun with.
That's all.


Anvil Artifacts said...

Great earrings! Basha beads, Petra's daggers and Roman glass combined all in one. Fantastic! Just gorgeous.

Beatnheart said...

Your patroness sure is a clever clogs to have you redo her stuff... Niceness for her and you too...

Yum on da basha beeds.

Yes Petra's kickin ass.

taralinda said...

Gor-geous! In love with the bright vs. dark first earrings. (pls. save for me...)
The last 2 are like sunken treasure. Coolness.

Petra Carpreau said...

Woohoo - how gorgeous to be hanging off the bottom of those scrummy clusters! Thanks for the biggin' up, girly - and for making my humle spikes look so glamourous!

Anonymous said...

You made beautiful justice to the above necklace. I believe the red beads with black inner core are actually vintage african trade glass. I know many folks who do call them faux coral. I think your patrona should be most happy! Basha beads yummy! I like the wire extensions, makes them classy!!

willowstudio said...

I think the beads you used on the paper necklace are
early venetian glass trades beads called greenhearts.
(Major improvement is putting it mildly.)

And yes, our Petra has been kickin' major butt lately.
Congrats on acquiring a patron BTW--smart lady to
send you her stash.

willowstudio said...

I think the paper necklace re-do is great. (Those beads
you used look like old Venetian greenhearts.)

It sure is nice to see what you do with the patron's stash....

Tribalis said...

You really gave a new life o the paper beads necklace Marina!

Star of the East said...

Wow, that is some upgrading of the paper beads! It is magnificent now!

Louise said...

I'm loving the rich blue here, your work is awesome!

martinisfor2 said...

I think all of your stalkers would love to see you at work. Do I see a video in a future blog...Hmmmm???
Seriously... all I can picture is the lab in Young Frankenstein... IT'S ALIVE!!!
The first pair of earrings made my head explode they are so fabulous. Do you ever sleep? I can't even get the words I want to say out. arrrggghhhhh... Your patron must anxiously await the mail every day. I'm sure you'll have many more lining up outside your door in worship.
You are our Goddess...