Less is More and More is Also More


The Shiva Hypothesis. Rustic Choker Dark heart swords vintage antique recycled with raku ceramics.
And yes, Sparrow, David is crazy brilliant, even more so because he was a premie, and they can end up a bit slow. It's even cuter because he's tiny for his age and talks that way. 


In Your Light. Iridescent Victorian Tribal statement necklace with art beads, lampwork, ceramics doll face assemblage.
Mom told us how on the plane home, the pilot reported the temperature in Cali was 66 degrees Fahrenheit. 
"That's like you, Abuela!"
"You're 66 too!"

Then I made these next two pairs from SacredCake goodies. This was a buckle:
Between the Stars. Victorian Tribal Assemblage Earrings with Bell, Frosting Tip and Rhinestones.
And some gumball charms, with acorns from potterygirl1:Tree Dwellers. Vintage antique rustic assemblage asymmetrical brown earrings with acorn ceramic art beads and gumball charms.
He also expressed concern because everything evolves and he's not sure what he's going to evolve into. He hopes it's a dog.


Jiorji said...

"He also expressed concern because everything evolves and he's not sure what he's going to evolve into. He hopes it's a dog."

my mind...... BOOM!!!!!

Penelope said...

We need to get this kid his own TV show. STAT. He could have big time politicians on to ask questions and they wouldn't be able to argue. Damn all politicians should be interviewed by kids. Also they should be a bit drunk. Not the kids. Did you know way back in olden times, Germans would not have political meetings without getting drunk first? Because it's harder to lie effectively when you're hammered.

There's some random trivia for ya.

steufel said...

"He hopes it's a dog" oh my god - that is so funny. nd your stuff beautiful as always. Love it. Also love your tut about the tribal bangles. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Anonymous said...

Sweetness abounds through the love and support of family... : )

anabelucraft said...

I like them. Chao

gretchen said...

you should ask your sister start writing down what your nephew say, so it can be shared with him when he is older. my cousin does this with her girls. all year she saves these little gems and at xmas she sends out a letter with the best/most insightful bits. from the mouths of babes and all that ....

the neckpieces are even better than before- and they weren't bad before! the earrings are killer. love. them.

The give-away earrings you sent have arrived - LOVE. the web photos did not do them justice. thank you so very much.

Flotsam Tide said...

The connections on that second added strand to your bone necklace are beautiful! Lovely to see your fruitful alterations, I like both end results. David is absolutely precious.... dogs are awesome.

belvedere beads said...

Less is more, more or less.