I've clearly lost my mind b/c I keep re-making this. Now there's gold leaf.
I just don't think I can sell anything that isn't leafed now. So I also did this one:
I made another honkin' "statement" necklace:
And the statement is: "I'm a big honkin' necklace."
"With every color in the crayon box."
A statement choker. With the hand of the son of God on it.
The hand of the son of God comes from Uruguay. I don't know where the rest of him is.

I also have a couple new rings.
Next, druzy bells.
I made these earrings with some amazing hollow lampwork that a buyer sent me to make something with for her.
Goddamn these beads are amazing. From. Damn, super expensive lampwork sure is amazing.
And here's some more fancy lampwork (from) with some rough amethyst that I plumber puttied into place then put the shimmer to. The wires are sterling, cuz I figure... And full-hard not even half hard. Because I'm a hard-ass.
And here's a gorgeous bronze escutcheon from, you guessed it, Blurubly. I mean, Shmuru-shmy. And SacredCake sent the big rhinestones that I, you guessed it, leafed. Cuz I figured... Now I'm watching Puppy Bowl and gold-leafing my whole body.


PipnMolly said...

Those druzy bells are kick ass awesome.

Juliette said...

Yowza I love the Honkin necklace. Well, pretty much all you've posted here.

Puppy Bowl, eh? My TV is off. But during baseball season I make lots of jewelry with games in the background. xoxo

quisnam said...

Love it all - in particular the choker with the hand. You are a genius.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Putty, necklaces, and especially those earrings with the lampwork - yummy yummy stuff.

Penelope said...

blarrbahahawaaaaaaaaaahhh..coronary noises...drool...etc

Yeah, so you know how you said you could never do printmaking because there's already enough out there that you could never be as good as? Well you make me feel that way about jewelry. I think I'll become a janitor instead.

Jiorji said...

yeah i second sparrow's comment...i mean you're both AMAZING jewelers so imagine how i feel with HER saying that lol but dude...you're like INSANE!! (in a good way)

those amethyst drops with the blue...and the shimmer.....MY PRECIOUS!!!!

hmm so yeah.....remember how i was doing that custom hoodie/long sleeve thermal giveaway thingy?? yeah ...so happens you won. YAY! umm i guess you got good karma points from raping my eyes with pretty pictures of pretty things :D

i need you to email me info and stuff on what i should make you :D YAY! (colours and size and such )

StaroftheEast said...

Wow, that hand thing is striking!
And the earrings...yumyumyum.

alteredarcheology said...

Oh my, where do I begin..... You are outdoing yourself!!! I love every piece here. In particular the druzy/putty with the shimmery stuff. Please, oh please dish on the shimmer. What is that irredescient gorgeousness on there??

Corey said...

Thank you so much for re-visiting my blog today! And for your wonderful comments!

My, my, but you have some beautiful jewelry here! And that hand is simply divine- gorgeous!

martinisfor2 said...

OMG... how in the world did I miss this post!!! I second Tracy... the druzy bells are kickass awesome!

Tribalis said...

These amethyst with lampwork..the most beautiful earrings I ever saw until you make another one I will call most beautiful.
Powerful woman!

Tribalis said...

These amethyst with lampwork..the most beautiful earrings I ever saw until you make another one I will call most beautiful.
You, powerful woman!

beadybaby said...

I am really loving the latest necklaces, and rings, and pendants, and bracelets, and...!!! Love the colors!