To clarify; only the circled bit in the photo was that polymer clay foil. The rest is regular Mona Lisa brand leaf. And the stuff actually on the rock is a pen. It's called 'pale gold' but it looks like pale copper to me.

Jiorji wrote, "I'd ox one of the rings. I think the purple and black and gold would look fantastic. Too much gold. Hmm worth experimenting with at least one i think." And it made something click in my head. Oh yeah! Rustic/cosmic, tribal/victorian, yin/yang. I'd forgotten the grunge half. I think I was overwhelmed by the ten ton boxes my fancy new patroness sent and when I get overwhelmed I sometimes forget my 'formula' in the rush to just use everything. Like a while ago with all those crappy earrings? But its a good thing, because once the formula becomes too, uh, formulaic, that's when you get the crappy second album from that super promising new band, the follow-up book that was so like the 1st yet somehow so 'meh', the phoned-in sequel. You know? "No I don't know what you're talking about Marina. Shaddap and tell me who gets the earrings already." Sheesh you're pushy. Look at this recombinant make:

It hangs weird on my Mannequin's gravity-defying superboobs, but oh well. It's a crazy raku breastplate by wonderousstrange sent to me by my benefactress.

"Get to the giveaway!" OK, first, props to new commenter Margot Guerrera for trying to bribe me with "a pair of hmong hilltribe perfectly rusted by life, other worldly buttons and a few other goodies you might just love."I can't very well announce a giveaway then say sorry, I'd rather not! Can I Margot? (Here I'd have to explain to Mom that in English it's pronounced Mar-gou and not Mar-GOT) Hmmm? I'll trade with you if you like for something else. Etsy convo me you temptress.
Second, the winner is ..... gretchen! Congrats. Etsy convo me.
And third, lookit:


darlene said...


gretchen said...

I had to go look and see if there is another gretchen.... :)
YEAH, nope. Too odd a name. Thanks to mom for the name and big thanks to you for the fab-o-lush, I will be smiling all day, earrings!


Unknown said...

Like the breast plate - nice beads on there and like the connections to the plate. Congrats to Gretchen -

Anonymous said...

Ahhh hah hah ha ha ha hah ha! Really you have a great sense of humor. You are absolutely right, a give is a give away. My congrats to Gretchen too!
The Temptress : D

Jiorji said...

i give advice. i'm a GENIUS!! :D

those earwires are delicious. Did i mention this before? they look like insect antennas and i love them!

i wonder if you can dip the geode in the pink ink too?? not saying you should, but i've always wondered how they get those dyed agates.late night thinking... hmm...uhhh waiting for my neighbours to finish their karaoke session so i can go sleep..

StaroftheEast said...

Awww, those cute animals at the end of your posts are so distracting :))
What is it ?

Tribalis said...

Congrats the winner!Luck girl!
Marina, beautiful earrings!hugs!

martinisfor2 said...

congrats to Gretchen!!!

The breastplate necklace is scrumptUous.....