Til the Break o' Dawn.

It's like the party don't stop around here.
RESERVED for Lori.I made these for my patron from all her stuff. These metal bits are super ancient and when I tried to get wire through them, they'd filled in with deposits and when I pressed on, they started to crumble under my fingers. So putty and epoxy adhesive to the rescue!RESERVED for Lori.The smaller dangle had one drop almost gone so I added a long biwa to balance it out. Also, two thick coats of wax to keep the metal from continuing to disintegrate. That changed the patina from bright verdigris to a wider variety of colors including on the right the most intense royal blue like I've never seen occur naturally.
So I was looking through LushRocks to see what the gems were that I used above and can we just look at these druzies for a minute:
Awsome hot pink titanium druzy quartz focal 35mm x 38mmAwsome hot pink titanium druzy quartz focal 33mm x 36mmTell me those don't look exactly like what you're right now thinking they look exactly like. People? Is it me? Get some Preparation H for those pinksters. Amiright?
...I know, can't unsee...
RESERVED for Lori.Patronus had this micromosaic she asked me to do something with so I balanced it with some more rustic bits- the final three "green hearts"(thanks commenters, I knew it was something like that), some Elaine Ray ceramics and a gaggle of Indonesian babies from yukidesigns.RESERVED for Lori.Some more of those same Indonesians top these very asymmetrical earrings. My big contribution was to think of using these two pendants as earrings. They weren't working in necklaces, and how easy is this?
Wacky math intermission:


The smooth motion of rotating circles can be used to build up any repeating curve even one as angular as a digital square wave. Each circle spins at a multiple of a fundamental frequency, and a method called Fourier analysisshows how to pick the radiuses of the circles to make the picture work.Decomposing signals like this lies at the heart of a lot of signal processing. [more] [code]

I didn't understand that babble under it either but felt compelled to include it. Here's what I made from ALL MY OWN SUPPLIES:
Then I realized that as much as I like it the focal is so huge that the necklace isn't enough or something... Same for the one below.
But you know what face cab is mounted on? A bottom of one of the little tins from my German haul from ages ago! So these things eventually work their way in. Ida never thunk I'd use the back, but there you go.(... I had an English  student once who worked in a deli and thought the other counter gals were being rude when they said "Here you go" because she thought they were telling the customers to go.) 
Well, I'll work on these some more. Maybe some of those old cords I used to make like so:

Carboniferous. Rustic Soldered Fossil Necklace.Soul Eater. Shabby Rustic Gypsy Necklace Pink and White Altered Assemblage with Animal Tooth.Homunculus. Rustic Victorian Tribal Assemblage Necklace.
Man I need to get back to some of these jingle-janglies. It's like I forgot how to make them or something.
Ghostly Rustic Specter Chic. Custom Necklace for sharjah.Pieces of Eight. Vintage Currency, Recycled Lens, Tribal Gypsy Textile Fabric Necklace with Rustic Ceramic Artisan Beads.Queen Isabel. Rustic Victorian Tribal Mixed Media Assemblage Necklace.Sky All in Rags. Rustic Gypsy Vintage Assemblage Necklace.Salted Earth. Bohemian Tribal Necklace, Rustic Gypsy Assemblage.


Jiorji said...

o my gaaahd ladeee!! STAHP!!

you're burning my retinas with awesomeness!!

dude. really. that first pair of earrings there should be priced at $5000 cos it's like MAGIC!!! delicious rotten archaeological magic!!!

come on guys, let's all just go home now. Fanci's got this...

Jiorji said...

PS. this is kinda like what it's like for me scrolling down your blog posts.


replace the dog with me and the guy talking about meat sandwiches with you showing random beads and what you've made with them. haha

gretchen said...

Those earrings look like you broke into the Museum of Natural History and took them from a display of ancient art. damn. they are priceless. Great work. You never cease to amaze.

Anvil Artifacts said...

Fanci, those earrings are breathtaking! Please consider doing a series of those. The necklaces are...what's your word?......awesomesauce! This post is bursting with eye candy goodness.

Sparrow said...

do you just wake up in the middle of sleeping shouting 'blue bead! String that...wire! 28g wtf I don't even!' cause I would, if I were churning it out like this. Man I have dreams about this shit if I watch youtube vids too close to bed time.

Those first earrings are spectacularness- and usually I don't like blue. I like me sandy creams, so you know- if you did some in that colour, I'd probably die as much as I did when that big avalanche of old things came at the end of this post. My heart SPLODED. And yeah I feel like I've forgotten how to make...well pretty much everything.

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

Love, love, love those blue earrings!!

anabelucraft said...

I like your jewelry. It's very original and very artistique . Bye :-)

Beatnheart said...

What I would love to see is you at your work bench workin away... How do you work, how does it happen... I sit there everyday and th makings are slow.. Itake apart more than I make... I wish I could see how your miracles un fold.

PipnMolly said...

Beautiful ancient pair in blues !!
Would love to see more of the old "jingle-janglies" incorporated into your new style.

rubyd said...

My eyes popped when I saw those blue earrings.
I said "I'm buying those"... but then seeing that they were your patroness', damn!
Just love love them.

Star of the East said...

I'm loving this blue/pink period of yours :)