RESERVED for Lori.
RESERVED for Lori.These are long bronze tubes from Africa. I could have picked two of the same, but I like to add interest with variations. The druzy drops for example are almost having a conversation.
RESERVED for Lori.
RESERVED for Lori.
Here's a new faux mercury glass pendant, yay. The frame and glass were from Uruguay, as well as the picture of the little girl, though they didn't come together.
RESERVED for Lori.
The rest of the necklace were long links taken from a kuchi belt. Am I just going too fast to be of any use to anyone? What do I mean by that? Da pims that's what. Sucks out my will to live. Tomorrow Imna go play aunt and I think I'll need an energy drink. I was just looking at my list of posts for the past two months and I seem to have blogged almost exactly every other day for the last several weeks. Mind-blogging.


HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

Gorgeous necklace!!

13 said...

Love those earrings, might have to get me some druzies..

Patty said...

I visit your blog first because it's
more likely to have something new to
inspire me. Then my fingers itch to
make something, anything! Thanks.

Flotsam Tide said...

A conversation of druzy drops :) really wonderful. That faux mercury glass piece looks delicious with its dangles. Wishing you relief from the pims soon.

Juliette Williams said...

Blog as often as you want. I'll still read them.

I'm in love with druzies too, they really make me think about different combinations!

anabelucraft said...

wonderful!! I like very much