Evocative Beauty

.Tugboat PrintshopAnthropomorphe: Decorative AnatomyShe Held Tight to the White Bear by Kay NielsenStatuette de femme coiffée d’un croissant de lune doré, Albâtre, bronze, yeux et nombril en rubis
This image from Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope shows a stellar nursery containing 1000's of young stars and developing protostars near the sword of the constellation Orion.:: Emma McNally :: / Sacred Geometry <3

Moon dress
eye of providence, sun worship, sacred triangle, esoteric, esotericism, masonic,
 All this and more can be seen on my pinterest spirit board. Just felt like sharing. And while I'm sharing... It bothers me that you can see right away which of your images have been liked and re-pinned. Feels like those that haven't are failures. Feels like a competition with yourself. I need the grace not to care about these things and I mostly don't. But it's the same way that I feel like unsold items are failures.

Speaking of beauty, I ordered these from Numinosity: 
And, perhaps because I'm always pimping her shop and calling her da bidness, but mostly because she's awesome, she tossed in all of these:
(Oh poop I left out a gorgeous little purple pin.) That one bit that looks like a box is a decoupaged bamboo tile bead. The discs are mica. Wait. what's that over there?
Yeah, she mentioned she was gonna send a broken-off head. I'll take that thank you very much.
Sales have been pretty great lately so I've just been indulging in all the supplies.

Keep forgetting that if it's for the shop it's not exactly frivolous spending.

Brass and rhinestones from jan's jewels.
Tanya Mcguire lampwork. 
I even somewhat cleaned the studio:
At least there's a path to the windows, since the handyman had to come fix them so that I might once again be able to solder. See that board sitting there on the floor by the table? It's epoxied there. Yup.
Turning slightly left:
And now I'm going to spend the rest of the day on the couch because


Tanya McGuire said...

Your work is just fantastic. I can not wait to see what you will do with the new beads.

big mamabird said...

Oh I hear ya with the uterus, couching alongside a' ya in spirit!

alteredarcheology said...

How inspiring those images are, artistically and intellectually. Then I scrolled down your post and lawled my ass off. The wood epoxied to the floor? That is priceless. Now i feel bad for even mentioning the little drips of cyanoacrylate glue that my hubby dripped on the marble floor. Oh, and that battle scene? Nothing could be funnier or closer to the truth!

NuminosityBeads said...

So you have a new follower of the Pinterest kind. I want to be evoked by you!
Thanks for showing your Pile o' goods. I have random one offs that I am afraid to give as gifties to others as I think they will go what the hell am I gonna do with just one? And i know that is not a problem for you so you get the bounty of my odd ones.
I forgot to ask you an important question on my last comment. When is your next trip to Uruguay?
I don't think I've dared to use anything from that trip yet but I did leave the bulk of it in Arizona so it's waiting for me there when I get back in November.
You need a Utee-rus instead. Maybe you can design one.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Ouch - sorry about the tummy pains. Renew your energy and take a break...great parts from Kim.

Wildthorne said...

dying over your uterus pic... sigh is there one for bloating, and headaches too? What a pretty blog post title, and wonderful images, the anatomy is flowery... and yet slightly repugnant. lovin' you

Star of the East said...

Aaawww your poor uterus, its a crime scene down there again, yes?
A war that cannot be won :(

Jennifer Valentine said...

omg...the uterus thing has me shoving laughter down deep because it is almost 3 a.m. and my husband actually sleeps..........and i no longer do......therefore i have to keep things on the hush hush.....
but you are so damn funny!