Stylin' and Profilin'

 I'm telling you, blogger is insisting on titles so you get whatever comes to mind.
Wow I didn't get enough sleep last night to handle all this color.
Maggie Zee commented: Oh, I don't know about the Modernists - what if what they did was free our minds up a bit to see art everywhere and recognize the artists in our own selves?
Oh well yes, that. Of course they did that. I mean the unintended consequences. The next generation thinking art isn't art unless it's questioning everything. But I think that generation is already past and any and all artists I see are just having a ball making what they like. It's just me who's slow on the uptake. But yeah, of course you're right Maggie. (And welcome, and thanks for commenting!)

 You know what makes me happy? This: "Ok so this is seriously my new favorite blog. Sass and randomness and eye candy. Eff yeah. Bought your bangle pdf like ehhhh a month ago? and I've read it like six times, put it on my iPad Kindle app, now I'm stalking your blog. Cuz it's kinda rocking my world lately..." Betsi Goutal

The Garden Dwellers. (With locket for solid perfume!)
And then I blush and do a happy squirm in my chair.

I really seem all about the mis-matched gem rondelles lately. I wonder why  I like everything so wonky. This is a celluloid gumball machine charm. I made these 'stones' by plopping rhinestone settings on old paper, filling with liquid utee, heating with gun until smoothish.

Here's some druzy in gold leafed tin with dangles from grebird.

 Look even the ear wires are mis-matched.
Here's these resins, since the first pair sold. To Patroness! These are hammered child-sized bangles I got off ebay.
It's been a looong time since I made one of these buddhist reliquaries. But here you have one, will wonders never cease?
Das all.


Kimberly Rogers said...

Just checking in for my fix of wonderfullness from the Wonderness. ( Wonderess?) Splendid combos and thanks for reiterating my explanation for my seemingly left field comment the other day. I just assume everyone can read between the lines in my crazy head chatter that I post here.
You just keep churning out the most crazy super bits and I end up running out of superlatives for your mind/hand circuitry. Love what you do and how you share! xoxox

Juliette Williams said...

AAAAAh, those 'african blade charms' - any sources??? I would LOVE to use something like that in my pieces.

I adore your 'Ghost Dancers' so much - I'm a fan of Greybird too, but have yet to use her pieces. Someday soon. xoxo J

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

Beautiful!! All of them! With The Courtly Ones'being my favorite!!

Maggie Zee said...

Wow - thank you for your link to me. "Slow on the uptake" is the LAST thing I would think about you! Your brain is so far ahead here, everyone else is in the dust. I think we're better than artists: I think we're alchemists and magicians and shamans. Who needs to look for deep meanings when we're having so much fun???

betweenreader said...

Agh, I'm still recovering from art school in the 70s. But I have to say, there's nothing invalid about making a statement, we do it unconsciously, anyway. Flip side, there should be no tyranny in art, just freedom. Of which our Fanci is an exemplar! Love whatcher doin dear!

RaggedRobyn said...

Lovin the mismatched beads on earrings! Keep it up chickadee :)

Betsi Goutal said...

Woohoo, happy chair squirms right back atcha - I'm all flattered that you're flattered. :) Fwiw I am withour non-smartphone internetz for about a week or so, so please don't take it personally if I'm stalking you a bit less for a little while. ;)

Oh my gosh, the loops on those earring being hammered bangles intrigues me! Any chance we could get a more side-angle view?? Oh wait, might be on the listing... Stupid lack of decent Internet. Grr. And stupid mobile comment form being weird at me. Oh well, guess I will just have to work on unpacking my shiny new internetless house instead of poking the internetz. Stalk ya later, you talented thang! :)

Betsi Goutal said...

Yay, she likes me!! Or at least doesn't think I'm all that scary. :D I'm all flattered that you're flattered now. Don't take it too personally if I don't stalk you much in the next week, our Internet "provider" screwed up and failed to let us know that they don't have the address of my shiny new house in their records (new house and all) so I'm not going to have Internet aside from my phone for a week or so. And my phone seems to hate this comment form to boot! Wjich explains some typos, as well as why you might get two comments from me. Dumb smartphone.

Oh and I lovelovelove the idea of hammered bangles as earring hoops. How cool is that??! Love it, keep on being awesome... :)