Q&A-ing ... I'm Just Saying? This line of post titles got me playin'.

Before I get to your awesome questions, check out these killer head pins TaraLinda made using my tute. And on her 1st try! Though she did say she ruined her kitchen table, so remember your protective surface.The ones on the right are all using the same exact ingredients, just changing the amount of time she heated them for. The more you heat, the darker, more amber-colored the utee becomes. Basically now I just wanna make headpins all day. I'd forgotten how cute these could be. She wrote all about it with examples of her finished projects incorporating these on her blog here.
big mamabird asked, "if you weren't following your muse an' creating up a storm, would you just go ape-crazy?!" Yes, of course! In fact, I have gone ape-crazy in the past when I was teaching part time because I couldn't dedicate every waking moment to muse-slavery. Apes aren't all that crazy, though. And we are apes, too, you know. See how I couldn't let that opportunity for smart-assery go? Thanks for the comment and welcome to non-lurkage big mama!

 gretchen said..."The coins in the earrings really show up now! I'd like to see the other side, if you think about it next time you take photos." Exsqueeze me? I always take photos of all my backs. I just don't post them in the blog. I always post them in their listings on etsy. But just for you ➸

See, unfortunately the backs turned out better than the fronts after the polish but I'm too lazy to re-make them...  In general, when possible, I always try to make backs interesting. Cuz why not. And in case you find them interesting, click on these to enlarge.

gretchen further asked, "What did you get at the library? When do you have time to READ? " I got four more Terry Pratchett Discworld books. I go through books like water and it's rare
Discworld by Terry Pratchett.to find something I like, so I've been gobbling up that whole series. I read for a few hours before sleeping every night, it's very snuggly and wonderful. I usually go to sleepbetween 3 and 4 am (which was one of Beatnheart's questions) so I have plenty of time to read.
Y'all don't understand that when I say I do NOTHING else other than make and blog I really mean it. I have been wearing the same clothes for 4 days straight, for example. I'm nasty. I live on cereal and snacky things, also just got a rice cooker to not waste any minutes over a boiling pot... I don't clean or go anywhere, except to Mom's 10 steps away to gobble her home-cooked delights (which she always hands over claiming, "It's disgusting." Hubs learned to say that in Spanish she says it so much. It's always delicious.) and to nuzzle her cats. Imagine all the time you'd save if you were a hermit, too. And making is the only thing I want to do so I can't really get myself to do things even when I know I should. Like exercise. So I make, package, take and edit photos, spend hours on the 'puter pouring through supplies, watch TV while eating, and read. And sleep. Mr. Devices even opens mail for me. He hands me pre-filled-out checks to sign for my bills while I'm stooped over my supplies. He stands at the door, unable to step in for all the mess. He can't even open the door all the way.
Jiorji said..."what is the meaning of life. for a struggling artist. why are artists stuck with scientist parents? is this our karma?!? is working as an artist just programmed into their brain as "unacceptable"?"
The meaning of life for a struggling artist is to please yourself. Artists are stuck with scientist parents because we come from awesomely brainy nerds whose minds we were sent to expand (OK, that one was bullpoop). And working as an artist is programmed into most brains as unacceptable. It's up to us to overcome that and that is the work of a lifetime. That horse cab is actually a replica c
oin (see below) I got from here. Cuz I browse etsy all the live-long day. I used bezeling wire and head pins to "set" it. Another of my cheaty-cheats.

Panonia Celts Tetradrachm 3rd-2nd century BC tin replica coin
fancylinda asked, "1- Do you ever have a day where you are working on jewelry all day, but nothing is turning out right, and at the end of the day you have nothing to show for your work and then you feel like you did nothing all day?"
No, I only shit rainbows. Of course I do! But the more I make the less that happens. Plus if I keep at it I'll make something new and unplanned out of the failures. 
"2 - Do you talk to your husband about jewelry at meals?" HAHA. No. Wouldn't even know what to say. Sometimes I'll tell him some cute and funny thing someone commented or convoed me with. Yeah. I tell him what my convo buds are up to. We talk a lot about what Bingo's up to. It's ridiculous. i.e.: "Look his paw tufts are out! He's got back lip!" (The latter means the corners of his mouth are sagging comically.) "Did you hear that grunt? He's got such a good stink!"

Look what I forgot to photo last time. Here's a back shot for gretchen. And an action shot below for, um, action fans?
Kimberly Rogers said, "I kind of buried a question about midway through my comment on the last post so ...well you could answer that one!" Wait... gotta find it.... Oh here it is! Do I go on massive supply sprees? Well, my life is a massive supply spree. I live in the supply and vintage sections of etsy. And actually, I've gotten my stash way down. I panic when I have too much, or when there's good elements that have been sitting around unused for too long. But like I said, since everything is out and visible, I can know it's there and use it. If it doesn't get used and is without a plan, it ends up as an extra in someone's purchase or in a bangle stack. When I buy supplies I always have a specific plan in mind.
Kimberly went on to ask, "So how much sleep do you get?" Gotta have my 9 hours. That's right. NINE. "Do you thank your hands daily?" Um, no. I wash them daily. Sometimes hourly. Thus the coconut oil. "Do you ever get massages?" See, that would involve leaving the house. Haven't you been listening? I'm also too much of a cheapo. But mostly it's too alien to my daily routine. If I can't get my ass to make a needed doctor's appointment, I surely can't get my ass to find a masseuse. "Do you ever get a weird metal taste in your mouth that makes you think you ought to be wearing gloves when you're making stuff?" No. Do you? I'm concerned. Are you tasting your own blood? Cuz that has iron in it. "What hurts first? your neck, your hands, your eyes or are you oblivious and in a constant zone of endorphic pain blockers of creativity?" Yeah, that last thing. Then I get up and I'm a bit creaky. Cuz like I've admitted before, I'm crouched on the floor bent over piles. For hours. So I guess my knees. And then I feel old cuz I used to could wrap my feet around my neck backwards and forwards. Literally. "Do you cook?" No! "What do you eat?" Rice, cereal, granola bars, yogurt, bread, apples, juice from juicer, pasta and awesome, healthy, home-cooked meals at Mom's house. I forgot to mention Dad's there too, by the way. Always ready with some great "advice" from his science nerd mind. Like how I have to stop and maybe only do this part-time because I'm going to "burn out on art." So I told him he should only do his job part-time because he was going to "burn out on science." That shut him up. His concern was adorable though.

Aurora. Rustic Cosmic earrings with rainbow titanium quartz points.The Lovers. Antique coin assemblage earrings with gem moonstone peruvian opal.(all this stuff is up!)
It's 3:30 am right now. These questions have been awesome. Y'all don't know how important and interesting you've made me feel. Like it matters what I eat! I'mma hafta finish the rest (also awesome) later.


beadybaby said...

Oh, I so have to relate. I DO have to leave the house for work, but other than that, I have to really force myself to communicate with anyone not attached to a computer. I get home and I put on the same clothes for days, and some ratty old slippers. I just had to have a phone conversation with the bank, for the 4th time, about a Jax Chemical order I ordered in May and never got, and I've done everything they've asked, and the girl on the phone was very snippy like I was mentally retarded and didn't understand her w-o-r-d-s, or that I was bullshitting her. When she realized that everything I had told her was true, she did apologize and said she'd take care of right away, and didn't know why the person who is now off until the 26th didn't follow through blah blah blah. But I'm still shaking just having to have HAD the conversation.

While I don't think I could create as much of the time, nor be driven to, I would be perfectly happy never leaving the house, except maybe for long walks, which are more meditation than exercise.

I could survive on canned foods, eaten right out of the can, soups that you just have to add water to, and anything I can get from amazon.com, which is everything.

I don't really have a question, just needed to vent, and your blog post turned up at just the right time... :-)

So, thanks!

alteredarcheology said...

Such sublime femininity radiating from these creations, bravo!

Anvil Artifacts said...

Talented and entertaining too! Laughing so hard over your pithy quips. I think I now understand what you most enjoy. Make eye candy. Eat delicious meals with those you love. Repeat. Sounds good.

Subconscious Dad said...

To set the record straight, it's not just Mom. I may be a nerd, but I can cook asado (that's Uruguayan for grilled beef), which Marina devours. Also, I don't remember telling her to work part-time, but I did suggest to take a long trip, and fetch supplies in, say, a mountain village in Ecuador. For a change.
Thinking of changing my name to Adorable...

gretchen said...

Thanks, I do usually go look at your etsy listings to see more details and close up's of the little goodies that you used. No idea why I didn't this time, maybe this one wasn't up yet?
I've never heard of bezel wire- had to do a search and now I can understand a little better just how the magic works within the wire. tah-dah or more like tah duh.
Have you read Terry Pratchett's Good Omen? love that book, think I read someplace it might be made into a movie.

Be kind to your body and stretch more.
You rock. Thanks, again.

Kathy Barrick said...

Can you please share your Subconscious Dad?

Juliette said...

Yeah, Discworld!!! Okay, now I want to know which are your favorite titles in the series? I listen to them every night to go to sleep to. Mark (hubs) got me into the habit.

I read them too, but love the voices so much. I'm a big fan of all the Witches stories, the Tiffany Aching stories and Reaper Man, Hogfather - well crap, I love them all.

Just finished Neil Gaiman's latest 'Ocean at the End of the Lane', which is really really incredible. One of the best he's ever written, I think. xoxo J

StaroftheEast said...

Those wire and pins bezels look fab. Care to share how you do it ?

Anonymous said...

Crazy cool necklaces. (thnx for the shout ;).
That you keep your supply levels in check is amazing. If keeping them visible will make me more productive, then i'm redesigning my studio.
Ditto on sharing how you do the flat wire bezel thingies.