Strollin' and High-Rollin'

I got so much done today I am a puddle of satisfied exhaustion.
 Once I make a pendant I'm always like "Oh I'll just toss that on a cord, add a bead or two and done, easy peasy." It's like some kind of denial.

Here I pulled out some colors from the label. In the light you can see the faux mercury effect. It has the cracked glass that I resined over for shits and giggles. Also a dangle from greybird and numinosity. Cuz my bitches are brilliant.
 I made this one into a brooch with a whatchacallit. Swirly pin. Has a fancy name. And dangle from Claudia (thanks!) and some fabric I encrusted with lots of wax to strengthen and stiffen.
Teeny inclusions you can only really appreciate when you move the thing, cuz that's when you can see they're floating above the image in the resin layers and not right against it.
 Oh I had this grungy milagro I made forever ago and set it against some leafed tin. I like that I was able to take a traditionally Catholic image and de-Catholify it with the eye and the (*sparkly*) ankh.
I want to de-Catholify some crucifixes I have... 
 A white stack. Less craziness hanging all over, slightly more contained. Then I put this sea glass bottle neck on it and I don't know if it's too bulky and disruptive, I'll have to try it on and ponder.
 So I ordered a bunch of ceramic lovelies from Grubbi and she sent along two freebie sets of the most glorious polymers. I just had to pair these with some lilac druzies. Little, but lots of impact.
 Hmm, might need a better photo here. These lovely coins from Italy were part of a bracelet I took apart. I mean, the bracelet had the same thing (the soldered coins) over and over and they sort of got lost in the repetition. But I oxidized them all funky and now you can't see the faces. Crap.
 Lovely big Peruvian opals and iridescent moonstone.
And three set of nebula earrings. Can't get enough nebulas. And it had been a while so I was missing them.

 Here they're mis-matched for a bit more interest. See me using posts a bit lately. Just another design element to add a little detail.
 So the final set is also mis-matched.
 The teardrop charms and rounds are just some of the beads I got from Grubbi. So you have the sharp futuristic galaxies and the creamy primitive ceramics sort of playing against each other.
An Island. Rustic Gypsy beachy, victorian tribal ivory white button shell pearl earringsDo you remember these? (Stick and poly dangle by 4ophelia) I had them up a while. They originally looked like this.          ←                 
I knew I had to jazz up the rings and finally stopped dicking around and did it. Always improvements to be made but once something's listed it's easy to be lazy.
Finally two pairs for the patroness, if she wants them. These are her charlottes above. They're on these rings that were originally quite inexpensive buckle sliders I cut the bar out of and sanded down. A good ring and you're halfway to a well-designed earring.
These raku charlottes by WondrousStrange and druzy stunners were also hers. They were both so amazing, there really wasn't too much for me to do with them. This is a good example of when your job is to not fuck it up. These last three sets I made the ear wires out of matte black headpins I got from clbeads. I sanded the tips, shaped them and that's it. They're longer than your typical ear wires and stiffer than regular wire, so I'm liking them. 

Finally some random redonk for ya.
(via dpaf:video)
Don't we all deserve some random redonk- or ramdonk, if you will- in our lives?

For more, try bunnyfood, it's a tumblr chock full of ram to the donk.


Jiorji said...

those coin earrings are so great! you could probably sand off some of the oxide and maybe a wee bit of the face will show. But i think they're good this way too

and those white doll earrings!!!!...i need to upgrade my supply stash is what i need to do.

that dog is my cat the other day when she snuck on the balcony in the dark and didn't tell anyone and when i closed the door to go out for an hour she got left alone outside. i'm a terrible terrible person :(

Kimberly Rogers said...

So I guess you could call this post a de-cathalon. It's my pleasure to be one of the a brilliant bitches. I will hold that title proudly. I am still imagining your bead stash to be a bottomless pit and I used to think I have a lot myself. Do you go on massive sprees or just let them trickle in when some sort or another catches your eye, patronesses aside? Nevertheless it's amazing what you do when you're in your zone which I imagine is 23 hours a day. with all those choices at your fingertips.
I adore the way you pull off sparkle and grunge distress and the numen of your imagery.

Beatnheart said...