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New commenter Patty said, "Your work is a waker-upper for me. Not that I make what you make but the way you work with materials. Your lack of precious-ness, willing to break or 'ruin' a thing to see how it works. Inspiring!"
One of my favorite comments EVA! Because YEAH. Any time you have the ol' I-don't-wanna-ruin-it instinct, you have to, I dunno, purposefully smash it, crash it, rub it in dog poop. It's just ... I don't know but try it you'll be amazed. That's one reason my everything-strewn-across-the-floor method works. Can't feel too precious about stuff you have to kick out of the way.
(By the way! By no means did I wish to imply 4ophelia stuff wasn't totally sturdy and well-made. It is. I was putting pressure on the metal which curved it and, you know, enamel is glass which doesn't curve.)

Patty added, "Also love those short videos. Will you ever post some of the sources?" Well you finally got me off my ass to to update my sidebar funnies (look to your left and lower down) to include all my gif sources. Like right now on awesomephilia I just found:

"Now what do I do with my life?"


among many other non-animal related tumblr funnies like: "i like my women with curves. lots and lots of curves. in a sort of spiral shape maybe with ketchup... curly fries. i like curly fries."

Or then there's pleated jeans which I love (though I for whatever reason usually just look at his tumblr stream). Lots of good original content such as:

but also the gifs:

he has every kind of social media cornered. Like this from his Facebook:

I don't get you people with the facebook/ instagram/ flickr/ tumblr/ webpage/ youtube channel/ pinterest/ twitter/ soundcloud, etc. I don't even know what soundcloud is.

Aaaaaanyways. Then there's bunnyfood which is just the animals:

(via BestWesternDenver)  

PipnMolly asked, "What karat gold leaf are you using? Is it composition leaf? Or should I not ask?" Yeah, Pip, that's kind of a sensitive question. Oh wait no it's not. Ya big goof. The variegated stuff I like is only available as composition. Mona Lisa brand. Get it on ebay, etsy, amazon, even Michael's.

Wildthorne asked, "What is that pendant focal on the first piece?" Yeah I should really have mentioned it. I've been suffering from brain death by the time I get around to blogging and this is exactly the kind of question I was expecting (also Pipn's) when I asked for questions and instead it was all "What do you eat? When do you sleep?" Which was great for making me feel like my every butt-scratch was somehow relevant, or that there's wackadoos out there who think so... which thus makes it so... but yeah.

Etsy shop cubo. I added the leafing. That's what I dooz.ornaments - mosaic handmade in 5 natural pods - Christmas Tree and House decoration - mixedHere.
That one looks like corn. Mmmm corn. 

Beatnheart asked about the beluga gif, "Do you think those little bubble rings were real?" YES! "How do they do that?" They're crazy smart. Plus they spend a lot of time in the water so they can practice.

 (That's right. So that they can practice.)

Making one from her blowhole she looks like a little angel.
A fat blorp of an angel.
Yesterday I left the house and hung out like a person and met some sweet bebehs. This is Solomon:
But wait. Who's that behind him?
Dis is Toby. And we caught her with epic snaggle tooth:
 And a friend drew this:
AAAck! And I took pix of the cuff I helped my friend make ages ago that y'all wanted pictures of and I never took? I took:

And listed all this:
Dark Days Ahead. Rustic victorian tribal assemblage necklace. Gemstones art beads, beach stones, gold leaf.The Time Eaters. Rustic victorian tribal assemblage necklace. Gemstones art beads, beach stones, gold leaf, found object recycled.Mist and Music. Rustic victorian tribal mosaic pod necklace with pyrite gemstones.
The Time Eaters.                       Dark Days Ahead.                   Mist and Music.
Soil and Seed. Rustic Gypsy salvaged tin earrings with ivory lampwork.A Summer Garden. Pale ivory asymmetrical assemblage earrings. Vintage antique rustic gypsy.A Quiet Sigh. gemstones, torch fire enamel tin, rustic gypsy assemblage earrings. labradorite, lemon and rose quartz
Soil and Seed.                        A Summer Garden.                      A Quiet Sigh.      
The Miracles. Handmade painted milagro rustic tin earrings with hot pink fuchsia.A Precious Day. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal white assemblage earring with beach shells, silkworm cocoons and gold leaf.The Riders. Rustic Victorian Tribal assemblage earring with celluloid toy gumball charms. ivory tan beige.
The Miracles.                           A Precious Day.               The Riders.
The Hidden Meaning. Vintage antique oxidized metal charms with rustic ceramic art dangles. dark asymmetrical earrings.Wind and Water. Cotton pearl, roman glass, apatite gemstone, trade beads rustic gypsy assemblage earrings.Deep Space Love Story. Roman glass, torch fire enamel tin, rustic gypsy assemblage earrings.
The Hidden Meaning.                 Wind and Water.                   Deep Space Love Story.
And now sweet baby Jesus get me off this friggin' computer I have no feeling in my lower extremities.


Beatnheart said...

laughed out loud at the animal stuff...
your so cool marina....
really how do you make all the stuff/

Sharon Driscoll said...

Yes, I'm in awe of how productive you are - but oh so happy for the eye candy. Love, love, love the the animal gif's. I've got a retriever - she's never caught her tail - - - maybe some day.

PipnMolly said...

Wasn't looking for sources but thanks anyway. I was only asking about the leaf because your listings don't specify wether it's imitation or not.
Fun animal bits. Love the Belugas.

Patty said...

Aww, those video clips will be on my
favorites list today-thank you!!

Your way of working really is ahead
of the pack. I've begun looking at surfaces, texture and form in very
new ways after following your making.
Not to mention using new ways of connecting and using symbolic items.

martinisfor2 said...

Thanks for sharing with us stalkers!

Betsi Goutal said...

Oh my gosh, YES - Patty nailed it on the head there, that's a lot of why I've bought nearly all of your tutorials now, even though I've only been your stalkerfangirl for like what three weeks? The oxidizing tute in particular really captured some of that anti-preciousness magic for me. The last couple of sentences (and the whole last paragraph, really) of that really spoke to me on that level. "The fear of ruining a piece keeps a lot of people from exploring and truly mastering their art. Always remember that while elements may be nice enough as you find them, you yourself can transform them into something extraordinary." Damn, girl. That's powerful mojo. Any time you want to share more insights on this, I'd be thrilled to pieces. Like, do you have any particular mental process for squashing the I-might-ruin-it mentality? How do you talk yourself through that roadblock, or do you just not think that way anymore?

I've been following your musings and Sparrow's both with great interest; I've been making some bangle stacks and other stuffs but just can't find the cojones to list them in my Etsy shop. What if no one likes them? What if someone buys them and THEN doesn't like them?? Oh gosh, the inferiority complex has been CHATTY with me lately. (Maybe I shouldn't read your blog quite so much after all... how can I stack up to your mad skillz? ...and Sparrow, and beatnheart, and... oh gosh. Too many talented peeps. *hides under the bed*)

Juliette Williams said...

You post such fun gifs! I liked the animal 'group name' video. My favorite of all time is a 'Kaleidoscope of butterflies.' He didn't have it in there but I liked the 'clique of chicks.' Ha!

Beautiful pieces in here, love.
xoxo J

Betsi Goutal said...

I think your blog ate my comment again! I keep forgetting to make sure I'm logged into my Google account before I type up a long rambling comment. Oops.

Anyhow, Patty definitely sums it up well - your anti-preciousness all-in approach to creating is totally inspiring, and something I'm striving for. I broke several components today, you'd be proud of me! ;) Most of it's repairable though, and that's exactly the kind of thing I am struggling to remember. Any tips on achieving and staying in this zen state of no-fear-of-ruination?

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing your leaf stuff here. I picked up some plain leaf from Michael's and have had fun playing with it~ Your generous sharing has given me more inspiration, ideas, goofing off!