Photo-Editing and Forgetiting

It's 11 pm and I've been editing photos for at least 5 years.
This is a sorta minified version of the pink piece. Lots of pyrite. Numinosity pin. Stuff. 
Vintage gumball machine charms.
Oh I think I erased someone's comment by mistake. I don't even know how. One of the 1st ones of last post. I apologize. I love comments and appreciate y'all taking the time even if you're just saying hi.
Here some asymmetrical babies. Why do I love asymmetrical so much?
Here's more asymz with ScrochedEarth pretties. The metal charms became pair-able with some simple layering.
A minimal (for me) pair with tin and lampwork by Tanya Mcguire.
Patroness has been wanting cobalt. So these guys came to be with some Numinosity double pins. The wire is a heavy gauge copper which was perfect for hammering.
Some more beachy whites with silkworm cocoon caps.
Look at this madness. Japanese antique cotton pearls with antique gold gilder's, roman glass and y'know, stuuuuf. Thinking I was short-cutting I got these eyepins for ear wires. But they have this gold supercoating and I have to sand the entire surface to oxidize- and you can see it's still patchy. Maybe I should advertise them as gold-filled. But that's the thing- I really just prefer the dark metal.
Lookit what I made with Jorji's pieces! Squeeeeee! And they're all stained by the rust that gets everywhere when I get to oxing. I think that's just my trademark.
Like these from the other Jorji trangles. I sanded down the thick enamel a bit, managed to break the stuff right off, had to glue it back on.... Oy vey.
Really I was just messing around and next thing I knew another big batch of pieces to photograph appeared. See, that's what comes with allowing myself all the new purchases.
Couple re-dos. I wore this and while it made me feel like an inter-galactic fashionista, it kept flipping around. Thus the ring base at the focal. No more flippage. Even tho it didn't get tons of reactions, I really like it.
Fuck I gotta take better pix. I tried to fix the shines with some over-enthusiastic photoshoppage and just no.
I also took new pix of these which have sort of kept on oxidizing themselves with time:
These too never got much attention but, screw it, I like them. I made those little milagros free-hand with embossing metal, a pencil stub and some paint and while they're brighter than my usual, they're adorable so there. (This whole charging-more endeavor also has to come with more self-confidence, even if it is forced.)
Also, the tigereye you saw last time was taking over this piece so I switched it for a found holey stone with some leafing and a cone with surprised me with how well it finished the stone:

 You can peek at some other little iridescent beads inside the cap as well.
So with that inspiration I added another such rock to this piece:
The base is a buncha stones set into an archeological dig piece that then the loop/link/connector dealie broke off of. So I set that whole thing into a vintage Uruguayan yerba mate gourd edge decoration piece.
It's supposed to go on the top edge of one of these guys.There was one in a pic I showed you ages ago where someone asked "Is she drinking out of a coconut?" It's like the quintessential Uruguayan thing.
Speaking of which, ever since I took Mr. Devices down to tha U and he became indescribably obsessed with the place, he drinks mate (MAH-tay) everyday like a typical Uruguayan. Mind you the stuff is bitter and awful but he LOVES it and now can't live without it. So for his FIFTH Uruguay-themed tattoo, this past Wednesday he got:
And then specifically told me not to put it on my blog. But fuck it, it's my hot blog, I do what I want! By the way, we're looking at the back of his arm there, it was the only space left and I've forbidden him from tattooing his adorable legs. Leg tattoos look like shit to me and his legs are so meaty and bite-able... Most guys have chicken legs that make no sense when you see 'em naked. I mean, you know, non-exercise-y guys like the kind I would consort with. Body builder guys are just gross all over. How did I get on this? I'd blog tomorrow when I'm more alert but I'm actually leaving the house to be social likeaperson so. And this can't wait! Must blog every few days or I feel all cut off from my source of self-esteem!
And now it's 1 am, which means I've been writing this for 5 years.

Finally, check out these Belugas:
(via pleatedjeans:via) 

Now lie down:

And heres a hug and kiss goodnight:
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Sparrow said...

"This whole charging-more endeavor also has to come with more self-confidence"

Yes!! But it's a self-feeding machine; once you have the confidence to raise your prices, then people pay it, then you feel AMAZING, then you can charge for the next ones etc. The first day I raised my prices I went to be feeling so much more valid, even through that lingering fear that people wouldn't pay it. But they did. Do. Will.

Yours are still too cheap. Post coming tonight to prove it!

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Jiorji said...

mr devices has TATTOOOOOSSS?!?!?!?!
i love him already!! haha
there's my biased awesomeness people!

i LOOOOVEEEE those white carvings earrings. LOVE!
and i didn't know you could sand enamel.


Patty said...

Your work is a wake upper for me.
Not that I make what you make but the way you work with materials.

Your lack of precious-ness, willing
to break or 'ruin' a thing to see how it works. Inspiring!
Also love those short videos. Will you ever
post some of the sources?

PipnMolly said...

Beautiful earrings. Especially the pair with Jorji's elements and ancient glass. Swoon.
What karat gold leaf are you using? Is it composition leaf? Or should I not ask?

NuminosityBeads said...

Man, from Alaska to fancifuljools in record time!
And your palette is totally different this post and I didn't even get around to commenting on your last post which I guess was lucky because it might have gotten deleted so I know it wasn't me I am glad you mentioned the hammerable aspect which I will add as another point of versatility in my future listings.

So cool with the mate gourd tattoo, I made some mate infused vodka the other day and found some weird pandan leaf flavoring at the Asian grocery and mixed it all up like a poor man's absinthe, kind of had a good bite to it and maybe kept me awake last night.

This has to be one of my favorite assortments of your lately and dressing up jiorjis enamels like that and re-gluing them, it's just all so cool. That first piece is so soft even with pointies and pyrite, just magic.

I've just erased two paragraphs that I just wrote realizing that I'm starting to blog my own stuff in your comment box so I'd better hop back to my own blog and write something up!

much lovies to you!

martinisfor2 said...

Holy crap! My brain just exploded!
All of this gorgeous eye candy is intoxicating. I love every single piece.

Anvil Artifacts said...

Loving the earrings in the fourth photo from the top and those roman glass ones! Wow! So many great new things. The amount of things you make still amazes me.

Wildthorne said...

I just burst out laughing at your tattooed legs paragraph, what is that pendant focal on the first piece? A walnut shell stuffed with mother of pearl bits? I'm going to have to go find out in your listing. Beautiful things :)

Beatnheart said...

don't know what I love most your stuff or those little animals at the end...do you think those little bubble rings were real? how do they do that?

HenrietteWhiteJewelry said...

Gorgeous designs!! Love the roman glass earrings!
And you are just so very good at doing asymmetrical!!