coupla earrings

Crazy colorful gals. I've come to realize that just b/c something is colorful (i.e. the mini dolls here) doesn't mean all your other elements have to reflect the exact colors. Here, I brought in orange and sky blue as well as a green that's lighter than that found on the dolls. My first instinct- to pick all grass green things- looked awful. I'm learning. Thank you Lorelei.

Another pair of oversized drops with Tibetan Agate.

A necklace I'm working on for a wonderful customer with whom I previously created this:
Ave Adonai. Custom Necklace for Shessoweird.
OK, now a shower and off to teach English- I stink!


Boot ~C said...

those are so much fun!

stregata said...

Love the use of colour in the earrings. But - that necklace is looking gorgeous!