Rust run amok

Never had to pickle oxidized metals.  Usually, if a piece keeps darkening, it gets even better. Had an unusual effect on one set of earrings, though. It continued to oxidize even after I took the pictures. And not blacken, but rust.
Before Oxidizing:
After Oxidizing:
After a couple weeks:
Are You the River or the Thing That Makes the River's Face So Still.I could have tried to clean it up, but I got lazy and just took new pictures. I guess they're too rusty, but I don't hate 'em.


Little Brown Sparrow said...

D'you know what I'd do? Make little soldered teeth from smoky quartz, clip half the metal mesh off and hang the teeth from that. Balances the rust. I like them this rusty but I'm a weirdo!

Jennifer Valentine said...

I love them. In fact, had my eye on them too. I love them rusty!

missficklemedia.com said...

Yes, rusty is cool. Plated stuff usually rusts if exposed to a chemical solution. Can I ask what you use to oxidize?

They're a beautiful composition, the beaded rings almost like buckles for the tattered remnants.

fanciful devices said...

they are buckles! thanks jenny and missf. sparrow- hu?! whu? sounds like a lotta work for someone w/o a civil engineering degree...
miss f- i use novacan.