Sunday's Makings.

The Lost Legion. Custom Spoon Bracelet for Shessoweird.The Lost Legion.
The Lost Legion. Custom Spoon Bracelet for Shessoweird.It takes a whole day to take pictures, edit and list. And that is even considering that I found a bunch of interesting stories for the descriptions last night.

Xenoglossia. Applique Pearl and Rhinestone Dangles.
Xenoglossia. Applique Pearl and Rhinestone Dangles.

Though it's not so easy when you remember you made a bunch of goofy things like these. These remind me of things I used to make in my earlier work. Earlier for me being, like, a year and a half ago. So I priced them lower.
The Tarim Mummies.The Tarim Mummies. Applique and Rhinestone Dangles.The Tarim Mummies. Applique and Rhinestone Dangles.
The Carnac Stones. Oxidized Metals and Soldered Quartz.The Carnac Stones.
The First Freak Show. Mustard Tribal Fusion for the Ear.The First Freak Show.
Sacred Geometry. Rustic Tin Spears.Sacred Geometry.
So since the last 2 here are totally 80s meets rust, I priced them pretty low, too. Low-ish. Lower than if they hadn't come out looking so 80s meets rust. Maybe I should take them down and make the spears shorter...
I just got the coolest convo from shessoweird, the customer who send me stuff. Let me share a certain paragraph with y'all:
      "I had to work again yesterday at the boutique. I wore my newest creation 'Synesthetic Perceptions'. I was working the register again and it was the last crazy day of the anniversary sale. It was a madhouse. We only had one register opened so everyone had to see me and thus my necklace. I cannot tell you how many comments I got!! Everyone loved it, wanted to know where I got it, who made it, what was the significance of the tiny utensils, nail etc etc. Many comments about how interesting to see the combination of things and that the artist that would do that was very ingenuis! There was one lady who is maybe the top buying customer--she might spend $5,000 per month--and she LOVED it. Talk about getting tired of making the same thing over and over. I think there were maybe 100 requests for the necklace. Several people wanted to buy it right off me."


Spirited Earth said...

looks like you've been very busy..
love your work..
i had to laugh at the little bottle of cabochard perfume in your photo,
it's an obscure perfume..but it's been my preference for decades.

stregata said...

I just love the little leaves on Blood and Bone!
And I don't think the silly earrings are silly - they are just less dark than your other work.

*Debi* said...

What an awesome convo! When I grow up, I want to be fanciful devices. :D

fanciful devices said...

AW! you guys rock!
1- you know this perfume? wow.
2- thanks for making me feel less silly
3-i'm gonna have to quote you to my mom.