Overcast with a chance of earrings

It's too dark to take list-worthy photos, but I wanted to show off some earrings I recently made.  Well, these are from today:
I still had some of that dark grungy quartz I soldered so I was able to put these together. The hardest part was finding wire thin enough for the iolite heishi. Though you can barely notice it on this photo.
Some Mary and Jesuses. The cab/stone square links are some of what I did with these I showed you and the fabric is from Sparrow.
OK, but more interesting, a foray into some new designs:
The tops are from missficklemedia, among the tons of stuff she sent. I'm not going to make it into a special project for her b/c I'm wanting to develop this rustic cut-tin look for myself... or something. Hard to get going on projects I know I won't be able to share for a while...
Anywhoo, there are earposts glued to the circular top elements, then the bottom spears are from an old tin box. Yup. That's about it, but its very different for me. They actually turned out rather 80s looking, hu? They're much more striking in real life...
Also, I did a repair that I'm super proud of. Something broke here:
See it? No? Look closer:
There! My first wire rivet! Just as much of a pain in the ass as I thought it would be. Though maybe my 1st try shouldn't have been on a already sold piece. Of course, I always rather something break on my watch than after the buyer's received it, horrors. That's why I'm very rough w/my pieces. But I think it looks almost good as new, so... bon voyage wacky girls...
Gotta go back to my cobbling. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, even if it is grey and yucky out.

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