Earring Overdrive.

I am blood and bone.
And then I made silly things:
And a more silly things:
And a bracelet using a tin spoon, antique buttons, a little hammered sterling hook and the tiniest of perfume bottles.  It's for my wacky customer who just mails me stuff she finds on etsy vintage to see what I can do with them.


TesoriTrovati said...

How cool is it to have a wacky customer who sends you creative challenges! I love that idea! Thanks for sharing your beauty and inspiration with the world.
Enjoy the day!

stregata said...

Love the blood and bones earrings!
And how great to have a customer that inspires you - that is awesome.
The triangular earrings in your last post are very reminiscent of the 80s. Including the verdigris patina.