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We Are His Sleep. Antique Feather Assemblage Neckpiece.Took some pix. Is it as lame as I think it is to spell it 'pix'?  I always want to spell it w/an 'f', as in fotos, since I realized they write it like that in Spanish.
We Are His Sleep. Antique Feather Assemblage Neckpiece.The fiber and tiny nailheads are from Sparrow. The silver bits and chess piece from Uruguay, the feathers from Opulent Oddities' gift box. I think some of the crochet I used for backing I dyed myself, but it sure looks just like Sparrow bits.
We Are His Sleep. Antique Feather Assemblage Neckpiece.(Shouldn't I have something deeper to say about it?  I used a great Rilke poem in the description...))
The Confabulation of My Girlhood
So it's only right, since my girl's contributed, to show some of their awesome pieces. This one is from Op Odd, of course. Her stuff makes me think she's just rolling around in PILES of antique bits. It screams abundance.
radiant Sun - tribal salvage hoop earrings - recycled metal and Czech glass beads
Lately, Sparrow's gotten into some crazy color. Technicolor rainbows fused with grungy darkness? Somehow, she makes it work. Check it.
desert sky - hammered recycled metal and copper beaded earrings
Anywhozits, I also listed these little shabby-chiquers.Skating on Bones. Antique Button and Rag Earrings.
I used a great poem sent to me in a poetry mountain.  The red made me think of drops of blood in snow, which made me think of the poem.

Tintype on the Pond, 1925

Believe it or not,
the old woman said,
and I tried to picture it:
a girl,
the polished white ribs of a roast
tied to her boots with twine,
the twine coated with candle wax
so she could glide
across the ice—
my mother,
skating on bones.


So I named them Skating on Bones.  Thanks Denise!


stregata said...

Gorgeous necklace, Fanci!

missficklemedia.com said...

I want a feather duster in my cleavage.