Mail Madness

Once again, I must insist that my desire to rid myself of my piles of beautiful but abandoned ephemera is in no way a sneaky con to get y'all to send me stuff!!!

However, I received a SASE from Diane Denise Herrera with this inside. Mad piles of gorgeous  cards like I've never allowed myself to indulge in before.  All different sizes and shapes, each w/its own little envelope. 
But wait, there's more!  Inside of each and every one, a hand written poem by any of a huge variety of poets.  Many were placed inside on post-its, thus allowing me to use the cards for my own impress-the-in-laws purposes.
Here are images of me trying to decipher some of the handwriting. I'm not good at certain kinds of handwriting. Help! And I must read these to decide if I wanna steal them for listings!  As is, I'm so focused on the handwriting I've yet to, like, absorb any of the poetry...    (note: Denise helped w/the poems and I think it wasn't that the handwriting was so illegible but that the poems were so bizarre...)           

 Another weird thing about mailings- this is the second time I received a SASE where the over-envelope that reached me didn't have the postage stamped w/a cancellation stamp.  As in, I've been able to re-use the outer envelope to send packages to buyers. WTF? This one and the last one from Raida of Havana Beads.  I've used both the outer envelopes to send packs to buyers. So... thanks!
Oh, also- my extreme oxidizing dried more overnight and turned ghostly! And i realized I have a ton more stuff to do this to- like all my keys. Not, like, my car keys, I mean... you know what I mean!  Ugh, I hate overuse of exclamation marks on-line. 

Oh, and finally, my number of treasuries went from a hundred to 69 to 75...

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