Color Happened

to me yesterday quite unexpectedly.
Coagulatio. Victorian Tribal Assemblage.
Coagulatio. Victorian Tribal Assemblage.And I liked it, uh-huh.
Coagulatio. Victorian Tribal Assemblage.
I also gave these a touch of oxidation because, have I mentioned?, I hate plating.

Domestication. Antique Pig Pin.
Reasons for a Roosters Crow. Antique Toy Pin.
And yup, that's it.


Spirited Earth said...

look what happened with you..color..wow..looks great.

missficklemedia.com said...

Were you trying to stay away from color? Do you make jewelry according to how you feel? Were you feeling stark and conflicted? Or are you very sure of yourself, with no room for gray areas?

email me;

Anyway, I love what you came up with and I am excited for you to receive the package of colorful goods I am sending you.