Some new pieces.
I Do Not Exist. Indonesian Glass and Soldered Images.I Do Not Exist. Indonesian Glass and Soldered Images.
I Do Not Exist.
Self Descent. Stone Coral Buri Seed and Soldered Image.Self Descent. Stone Coral Buri Seed and Soldered Image.
Self Descent.Self Descent. Stone Coral Buri Seed and Soldered Image.
Eventually we choose exile & self descent. 
If that inner universe, 
objective & in distant accord, 
affords some patience
sometimes we see a man emerge 
wholly himself.
So private we can hardly speak.

-Jon Anderson

A Canal is Torment. Garnet and Quartz Dangles.A Canal is Torment.
To replace the ones that sold as soon as they were listed.
That Dark Thread of Sadness. Soldered Currency and Black Bits.That Dark Thread of Sadness
That Dark Thread of Sadness. Soldered Currency and Black Bits.
The glittering dance of brilliants must be strung on that dark thread of sadness which is time.
-Vernon Scannell
So Much Like Anger. Soldered Currency, Tobacco Tag and Garnet.So Much Like Anger.
So Much Like Anger. Soldered Currency, Tobacco Tag and Garnet.
When the sun tilts back wing to root in a fierce sleep, the birds inhabit the branches like doubts. They soak in the dusk rocking themselves into small blind possessions of the wood and sing one note into the falling temperature. By dawn they are black fruit hanging from the bark you think looks so much like anger.
-Jack Myers

All the quotes are from the massive pile of poetry that was sent to me by Denise Herrera. They seemed to fit quite well with these pieces. (Except I may be arranging the 'self descent' one wrong.) However, the last 2 necklaces sold as soon as they were listed (to the same customer who snatched up the original 'canal' earrings, thanks Margaret!), so I don't think the poetry will be enjoyed by too many folks. Which is why I'm including it here.

 I was asked by TesoriTrovati what I use for patina. I use Novacan. Liver of Sulfer is so stinky that I have to do it outside, and I live in a condo, so I have tons of neighbors all around my little patio, kids playing, dogs, and I can't do that to them. Well, I tried, but I got scolded by my husband and father. Which reminds me, I need more Novacan. I used tons on my Extreme Oxidation extravaganza. And no, tesori, I don't ever leave things shiny. I think the older and crustier, the better it looks. I feel like I still haven't hit the place where it's too much! I find that shiny is very distracting. If I have something with a reflective surface, I can't stop looking at that glint of light, and it takes away from the overall design of the piece.


stregata said...

Fanci, these pieces are awesome! Love the buttons on Self Descent.
Am going to miss seeing your creations while I am away.

fanciful devices said...

those are not buttons but actually little disc buri beads- arent they cute! the headpins they're on are shaped like stars at the end. ima go check out yr blog to see were yr going...

stregata said...

Thanks for hopping by! Will be posting later - we are driving down to Tuscany to spend some time at the beach. Where I will collect pebbles and shells and bits of sea glass...

Cake said...

I'm just going to have to stop coming by here...I want, no, I crave....no, I neeeeeeed...what is a cross between crave and need?....oh, how about cneede?
Anyway it fills me with wishing I had a bottomless wallet just to buy all of your stuff.

fanciful devices said...

the correct word is 'creed, silly. not to be confused w/'nave', which is a combo of need and misbehave...

stregata- driving to tuscany! just that sentence makes me amazed a jealous. where are you that you can drive there? aw, hell. did i just go all dumb american?

stregata said...

you will recall that I live in Germany. I live in southern Germany, just north of the Alps. So I drive through the Alps, which takes me through Austria and into Italy and then we just keep going south. One of the advantages of living in Europe is that the countries are small, compared to America. Makes travelling sound exotic.