Oh My, Tourmaline

SALE --- Faceted Watermelon Tourmaline 15x18th 2pcWatermelon Tourmaline Rectangle Shape Blocks1/2 strand Multi Tourmaline Faceted Rondelles - 4mmWatermelon Tourmaline Faceted pear briolettes- 8,5x5,6 mm(2pcs)Watermelon Tourmaline Freeform Beads7 Inches - 75 Pieces Tourmaline Faceted Tear Drop Briolettes - 5x4 - 6x4mm approx
All of these are tourmaline.
Tourmaline SliceTourmaline Rough Crystal GemstonesVINTAGE Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Triangle slices 4.38 cts FG87Multi Tourmaline Faceted Roundel Beads (3 mm) / 198 pieces / 28.95 carats / Quality AAA / Product Code 6862 Full Strand,Tourmaline Faceted Roundel,14 inches each strand ,Size is approx 3.5mm ,A Grade Quality.Watermelon Tourmaline Faceted flat drops 190carat weight full 8inch strand WOW smokin deal
Here we see a lot of watermelon tourmaline.
Lots Of Pink Tourmaline Rainbow Elongated BARREL Nugget Beads 14 1/2 InchesChristmas in July SALE - 30 p refund...Multi Color Gem Watermelon Tourmaline Faceted Briolette Drop Beads 36ctWatermelon Tourmaline Carved Slices - Pair - 11.5x12mm - RESERVED7inches,Pink Tourmaline Careved Leaf,1 full strand size is approx,13mm to 6mm,A Grade quality.Large 5mm PinkTourmaline Rondelles1/2 Strand Incredible Watermelon Tourmaline Transparent Smooth and Polished Slices-REDUCED FROM 39.90
Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed?
Multi Tourmaline Faceted Roundel Beads (3 mm) / 198 pieces / 28.95 carats / Quality AAA / Product Code 686Succulent Rare Watermelon Tourmaline Slices-100 plus cts- STRAND CTourmaline Strand - Nugget Pencil Center Drilled
Some of these strands are 100s of dollars.
Some of these things I never knew even were tourmaline.
VINTAGE Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal Slices Pair 9.80 cts FG84TOP QUALITY FACETED TOURMALINE CRYSTAL BEADS 4  INCH STRANDWatermelonTourmaline Polished Smooth Oval Briolette Beads--8 Inches--Great ValueCharming tourmaline stick beads, multi colors, 6 inchesTOURMALINE Petro Green and Gold Signature Side Drilled FANCY Faceted Nuggets 9x78-19x12mm 260 Carats 8 Inch Strand REDUCED FROM 65.00HUGE - SHADED GREEN TOURMALINE FACETED RONDELLES - 2 inches
The pieces w/multiple colors being the most expensive and desirable.
3 AAA Watermelon Tourmaline Slice Briolettes8 Inches - Full Strand - Rare --AAAAAA-- Top Quality Eye Clean Black Rutilated Quartz Faceted Marquise Briolettes -Size -15-12 ApproxPETRO TOURMALINE faceted rondelles 15 inches, 4mmWatermelon Tourmaline Freeform Nuggets FULL STRANDMulti Color Tourmaline Faceted 5mm Rondelle Beads-15 inch strandAA GREEN TOURMALINE faceted rondelle beads 4 mm 60 carat 14 inch strand
But there's such a variety of color.
Lovely MULTI COLOUR Tourmaline SMOOTH rondelles,UNIQUE RARE COLOURS 15 inches 4-mm14 Inches - Full Strand -- RARE -- Pink Tourmaline Smooth Polished Nuggets - So Pretty Strand - Size - 19x22 - 12x16mm ApproxStrand AAA Watermelon Tourmaline Polished Slice Beads
And those black ones are in a couple of Sparrow's pieces.
1/2 STRAND---So Amazing--Watermelon Tourmaline Faceted Slice Nuggets----REDUCED FROM 62.506 1/2  Inch Strand AA Petrol Tourmaline Micro Faceted RondellesBlack Tourmaline rough Crystaline Nuggets 8-18mm BIG 16 inch strand very rare
I'm mad over the heishi below. (Those strands are like $70.)
4 Full Strand,Tourmaline Smooth Tyre,Each Strand 14 inches long, size is 5mm,Fine Quality.7inches,Bi Tourmaline Carved Leaf,1 full strand size is approx,13mm to 6mm,A Grade quality.TRULY RARE QUALITY ,13 CUSHION, NICE Quality WATERMELON TOURMALINE SMOOTH CUSHION SHAPE NUGGETS,.UNIQUE ITEM AT LOW RATES,GREAT VALUE ITEM1/2 STRAND----Watermelon Tourmaline Transparent, Faceted Pear Briolettes---REDUCED FROM 42.99Tourmalinated Quartz 8mm faceted rondelles 4 inch strandFabulous Natural Green Pink Tourmaline Crystal Beads - 9 Inch Strand
But I truly love these earthy rustic little buttons, though they're some of the least expensive tourmaline available on etsy. 
Watermelon Tourmaline buttons full strand(Sorry for yelling, I couldn't see the sentences between all that tourmaline tumult.) I purchased a strand which I used here:
RESERVED FOR dherrera6. Deliverance.  Antique Mary and Child Assemblage with Fuses, Textile, Tourmaline.
And though I'm drowning in supplies, I keep wanting to get more of this stuff!
Oh- I changed everything in the shop over to Priority Shipping. Decided not to do confirmation b/c it's a pain if you're at work.  I've been making packs and it's so easy and nice- I don't have to worry about padding b/c the boxes are sturdy, and I can drop them in the mailbox across the street! That's the best.  No more procrastinating going to the post office! No more post office lines on my rushed way to work!   I had to purchase and install a new printer, though, and getting the computer to realize it was there had me so very, very close to tears.  And that can only mean one thing: PMS. (DUM-DUM-DUUUUM!)


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