not doin' what yr shoulda doin'

Well, I did get a ton done today, but my custom necklace is taking its time. There were a bunch of earrings that wanted to get made.
All the photos in this post were shot at night using indoor lighting, so please excuse.
(The glass leaves were part of my gifts from Fancylinda. Yes, I'm STILL getting mileage from that little box she surprised me with.)
I also had some requests to re-make sold ones:
Babyzorba, who sent me the milagro people to recreate Poppet Magic 3, also sent me those hearts above, and they just seemed to go w/whatever they happened to be next to.
Tomorrow, I turn 36... well, today, I guess. My resolution is to do this full time by the time I'm 40 (actually, sooner...). I know, resolutions are for New Years, but they never strike me then. Birthdays seem a natural size-up-yr-life time for me.  It's also me and hubster's 5th year of married happytime. I've been too distracted w/jewelry to provide him with bliss, per se, but happytime yes.  I chose to get married on my birthday to help me remember both my anniversary and my birthday.  I'm a space case about such things...

OH! the white stones in the background here were from fancylinda, too:
Self Descent. Stone Coral Buri Seed and Soldered Image.And look at what she has to torment me with now:

And the last thing I need to be doing (ever) is looking at supplies.


Spirited Earth said...

happy birthday to you.
love your work..

Anonymous said...

Happy B Day and congrats for your anniversary. Keep fighting for your goal, good luck! Monika Sz.

fancylinda said...

I'm not trying to torment you... Just wishing you a happy birthday and anniversary!

Elisabeth said...

I would also love to make jewelry full time in the next few years - it will be fun to read your blog to see how it's going :-)