3 Treasuries

A soft place to call home. Enchanting collection by lilliputloft.
ENDBIT - Wintogreen Heartrecycled village tower taking custom ordersNursery Mobile  Shoe - pinkHobbit Hole with Window BoxWool Felt Love Bird House in Red, Pink, Toffee and WhiteHome Sweet Home Little Fairy HouseCarnation Road MINI - needle felted wool houseLight Castle for your princessLucyville Gustav Manor - Miniature Felt HouseFamily of Gnomes - Waldorf Style - Needle felted with New Zealand wool - Made to order in the colours of your choiceNeedle Felted Medieval Village Wool Soft Sculptureknit houseMagical Miniature Enchanted Throne - Window Box GardenerCustom Needle Felted Wool Miniature House Sculpture - Pre OrderSale. Schoolhouse.  Found Artifact Necklace.une petite maison - wool and fabric soft house
The curator herself made this tree-sized madness:
Enchanted Tree - (Porchlight Pixies)
Other items in the shops of the featured artists' shops:
wool houses in a row -taking custom orders
Needle Felted Wool Soft Sculpture Haunted Halloween House
Gnome Folk Creature
"Excuse me, I've been trippin' shrooms for the past 5 days. I'm ready to go to bed now, but I've forgotten where I live..."

Childhood memories - porcelain wall pillowVintage German Wine Bottle VaseRaku I-Love-You HeartSilver Medallion BraceletSnow and IceMoonlit Pomegranate Whipped Cream Soap - 5 Ounceshopper - 8x8 printVintage Lace Earrings- purple redBlazing Unnatural Light. Pyrite Ring.White Facet RockAn Old Friend- 8x12 Fine Art PrintBenny the birdMasked heart- Mysterioso tooGolden - brown bracelet with 5 sea glassesLuna Mothseco-friendly ceramic travel mug - Patchwork
It features my ring of glorious pyrite:
Blazing Unnatural Light. Pyrite Ring.
As well as this awesomeness:
White Facet Rock
I still have ephemera up the wazoo, gals. Just sayin'.
Oh, and I'm now in 90 treasuries. Just sayin' ;p
Wait... make that 91. 

How brilliant is this, color-wise? Meanwhile, I still haven't made a single treasury myself.  Seems like there's plenty out there, and the things I like never match like this! Or at all... No really, how does this happen?

Cutest little girl clothes ever by another etsian in this treasury, birdiehandmadeLinen Tea Party Tunic sz S(2/3T) READY TO SHIPLinen Artisan Dress - sz S/MThe Tra La La Dress in Cream Gauze sz 4TTreasured Hand-Knit Sweater DressLinen Tea Party Tunic sz 2-6TGirl's Linen Artisan Dress - sz 4T

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