Howdy Strangers

Hope you don't feel abandoned. I've been much too consumed with seething rage at my boss to have energy to make.
Folk Medicine. Mexican Ex Voto and Antique Nailheads.
I was really loving these heavy brass stampings I used here above. I liked how they created a very symmetrical thing I don't ever do. So I thought I'd sort of make my own. Thus:

 That's the fun of ideas, they never turn out like anything... These second loop bits came out too straight. I'm thinking I could rubber band some pencils together and use that as a guide to wrap the wire more proportionally, and so that I'm not spending an hour trying to get the 2 bits to look like each other.  I know they sell jigs, and you can hammer nails onto a board, but, pencils! How simple is that?
Oh, it's been awhile since I tormented you with the ol' scanner... It's also been awhile since any before and afters.
Heart Free Master. Antique White Choker.
Dominus. Domini. Antique Bone Wood Horn and Rosary Neck Wear.
After That:
You can't tell, but it looks good. The strands were way too monotonous. I'm still trying for that Lorelei balance between pattern and random, order and chaos. Getting there.  OK, You'll believe me when I get some real pictures going...


Spirited Earth said...

these look great..and i think the solid background really shows off the work well too.

Malin de Koning said...

The top earrings are suuuuper nice. I will have to try something similar. What's wrong with pens? Or the top part of your slim bead drill bit? Or just anything with the right dimension, I use an upside-down cone shaped teacup as my bracelet meassurer. Hammering some nails into a wooden bit and you have your jig. Use larger nails for bigger loops, or screws with a smoth top part.
Love the pendant on the bottom necklace. The leg one ... naaah.

All the pieces look great though! And I love your blog big time. In fact you were awarded by me. Check out my blog some posts down, the versatile blogger.

Malin de Koning said...

Oh, it's the middle earrings I really looove.

fanciful devices said...

thank you so much! and of course, pens, chopsticks, just about anything would work.
Thanks so much for the award?! Ima go check it out!