What I did today.

Sheesh I'm overwhelmed with my job-job right now but if I don't post everything I wanna post then I'm a mess. I have a bunch of treasuries I don't have time to post...
Whatev. I wanna show the results of my extreme oxidizing experiment.
These were the factory-bought toggles.  The plating means little of it was substantial core metal, so they really didn't stand up very well.
These lost their loops, no big. Some are just barely hanging on to their loops and it won't hold up to any weight or pressure.
OK, these bits were the reason I bought the toggles since I always want to use a antique bit as a toggle but just need the bar.  As you can see, several of them gave up the ghost. They just committed suicide, not wanting to continue in such a cruel world.  Some I didn't even show, they were just bits.

Now the one on the right I've had forever.  It was soooo boring, so I'm very happy. The one on the left was plated gold. I wanted it a little crustier...

I think this tiny hinge is my favorite.  The bit in the background right side, I added in after the stuff had mostly neutralized, so nothing happened. I think I'll add it to the next batch. I think I'll do this to all my boring bits.
This was my favorite piece. I actually removed it much sooner b/c it was legitimately old. It's from Uruguay. But, since I'm a doof, I forgot to remove the bolt that held the ends together. When I went at it to remove the pin (I thought it would look neat hanging from the original holes) I broke it in 2 places. I'm trying to glue together the one part and drilled a hole through the other.  We'll see.
RESERVED FOR SACRED CAKE/ The Why of Being Born.  Entertaining Trinkets for Adornment.My lovely buyer and etsy buddy, SacredCake (who is published in the current Somerset Life, no less) requested a pair of earrings to go with this:
Since the piece is really big, I thought simple little danglies would go well:

Just threw 'em together, charged ten bucks, hope she likes 'em.


Jennifer Valentine said...

THE GASP HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD...when I scrolled down to see the earrings you made! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!
Thank you so much for the mention! I plan on talking about you when I get my jewelry....so be prepared to blush!
xoxoxo Love to you Fanci!

fanciful devices said...