A little feedback to feed the ego...

The lovely Ms. SacredCake, who is published not only in the current issue of Somerset Life, but also in this season's Artful Blogging, sent me a convo the other day:
All I could say when I opened my package was Oh. My. God.
Fanci, the necklace is incredible! I adore it beyond adoration....
I am totally "over the moon" about it..... I even took a video of opening it!
This is by far the most incredible treasure.....I'm sending my husband your way for Christmas. Seriously.
Love and Light,

That's right. A video. But also included was a picture of her modeling it w/the earrings:
Check out the hotness! Which leads me to the only possible conclusion: my jewelry makes people look hot.

So I answered:

I'm so happy!!!

btw- you look hot in that picture! did you change your hair color? i like, i like.
also-- you took *video* of yourself opening it??!!! I'm sitting in the computer lab at work smiling blushing and squirming in my chair. (also, whenever i read feedback of any kind, i always have this subconscious panic attack that someone's gonna say, like, they opened it up and there was a big pile of diarrhea inside. Or it exploded into a million pieces or it was covered in dog hair AND exploded AND it was a pile of diarrhea.)
OK, you best upload that video so i can show my entire family. lol.
Also, thanks for the gesture, but i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do w/your husband. i'm thinking: is he hot? can he clean? am i supposed to send her MY husband in exchange?
Did have me giggling my ass off, though. 
(Ok, the wrapping looks like old newspapers, but the package was pretty on the outside.)
Even more of an honor because SacredCake is a fellow jewelry designer. Aside from that, some makes the loveliest found object photo displays out of the unlikeliest of things, which is what her 4-page (!) article in Somerset Life was about:
Be My Love...a Grate Expectations photograph display pieceHome, vintage assemblage printer's block display piecesPeriwinkle, as seen in Somerset Life, vintage assemblage photograph display holders by Jennifer Valentine on EtsyAs seen in Somerset Life Magazine, Sweet Nostalgia Oil Can Photograph displays
From the top: a cheese grater, printing blocks, a salt shaker, oil cans. Makes me wish I had pictures to display and no frames. 
She also has a beautiful blog, full of intensely heartfelt writing. Go check her out.


Spirited Earth said...

this is soo cool, and i am laughing..too funny and wonderful ..

TesoriTrovati said...

That is so awesome! Congratulations and well-deserved I might add. Your necklace is beautiful!
Enjoy the day!

Emerald Window said...

The necklace is Fabulous. No wonder she was so happy.

stregata said...

So great to get feedback of that kind - congratulations!

Jennifer Valentine said...

I feel like such a goddess when I wear that necklace...thanks again Fanci! And thank you for the glorious compliments about my work!
Oh and yes, I feel pretty hot...pretty damn hot. It isn't every day one can wear such amazing, true ART.

steufel said...

What a great reaction. And she really looks hot!