Sneak Peek

These earrings have antique tibetan yak bone beads. They are exquisite.  Of course, you can't see that because these pictures were taken at night in artificial light. 
Which is why I call them sneak peeks. Crappy peeks doesn't have the same ring.

This is what was missing from my custom piece- some fabric to bulk up a section of the strand part. You know, the part that's not the focal? Whaddaya call that?
I'm kinda pleased!
This one was a PAIN! I'm a mess when it comes to color. I tried to channel Lorelei Eurto.  Meh.  The whistle works, though. It's musical qualities make up for what it lacks in amazing strandage....
Here's a clasp for the necklace below.
The top of the focal is a ring sent to me by Sparrow which I flattened.
I had to redo the entire top of the crystal. I took a chunk of soldered copper off trying to force it into hanging straight. I was hours on this.Here's an unexpected combination: dark teal and copper against dark neutrals of bronze/brown/black. And I mean unexpected for me.  Seeing that develop was a nice surprise.
And the focal is actually maroon. Maybe I have to sneak into colors from the extremes of dark and light. Take the tentative steps out of either totality.  It is a fantastic shape, seen head-on,  but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to show more.
Oh, and I got some good posting ideas: the idea of 'paracosms' and the theory of the 'multiverse'! Ohh, mysterious....


Spirited Earth said...

i'm laughing over this post..i have a little bit of color phobia. sneaking up on color with darker jewel tones is a great idea..then one day..POW we will be using electric rainbow colors..
haha ...nah

fanciful devices said...

lol! we'll be all about the 80s fluorescents...