From Grandma's sewing room

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This cute-ass collection by WinsomeTreasures.
Sorry I haven't been blogging as much as usual- I have all kindsa business due to my day job. I asked my head-shrinker to write a note for my folks saying that if I don't quit to do art full-time I'd go on a killing spree. She took it as some kind of humorous comment. Hrumph. I'm about to turn 36 and I'm still scared of my parents! Poop!


Julie Pishny said...

Those dreaded day jobs...whadda ya gonna do??? Girls just wanna have fun, know what I mean? Loved your blog - great collection of things I love. Hugs - Julie

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Did the shrinker write one for you?? REALLY!? OMG I'm so excited. I want you to be a full-time rockstar SO BAD. So bad it's making me write like a teenager.

We're all scared of our parents. Mine still doesn't know I 'forgot' to pay rent for 6 months the last time I lived by myself. Or that I haven't paid my phone bill. Don't tell them!