Carnival Saloon

The Fortune Teller PrintHigh Lonesome blue grass inspired antique crazy quilt cuff all recycled from down de bayouIz'o The Strong Man - Handmade Fabric DollThe Juggler Girl's headband (black, dusty pink)Ticket to ride - Fine art photograph - merry-go-roundvelvet jeweled and beaded headband(elegance and decadence)JoJo The Dog Faced Boy - Altered Antique PlateStriped Neo-Victorian Classic Lolita Jumperskirt - AurorettePolka Dots and an AccordionRuffled Rings SuspenderQueen of the Yukon - Fine Art Photograph Print 8x10Toms about Town. Soldered Slide Reversible Necklace.Anja's Tattoos Custom prints 1-5Gold lame dress with hand painted carousel horsesNEW LINE - Divination NotebookCoffee and cream
Stunning treasury by missquitecontrary. Included artists are very worth investigating, I suggest you get clicking.
to my single years i bid adieu(wedding headpiece)
and this:
Shimmering tweed
and this:
Striped Neo-Victorian Classic Lolita Jumperskirt - Aurorette
and this:
Portrait of E.T., Prince of Spain 1582 - Altered Antique Plate
and this from an amazing shop called Bayou Salvage:
Bayou Bloomers rustic ruffle pantaloon in FRENCH VANILLA..S.M.L.PLUS.from down de bayou
All of these are waiting to be discovered....


Little Brown Sparrow said...

Bayou salvage was the shop that made me realise I could make raggedy lace cuffs. I was making cuffs at the time but more street-style, and I was doing the raggedy lace textile thing in my artwork, and then I saw their shop and realised I could adapt the lace into cuffs, and do more elaborate versions of theirs. And lo I was born.

That pinafore dress is hot stuff.

Renaissance Festivals said...

i liked your carnival saloon..great collocation of carnival fashionable design

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