So I made this with a bunch of bits from the box I showed y'all in the last post. I'm thinking that if I start w/a length of that thick leather cord I have, it will always end up as a "statement" necklace.
I wanna capture the details and the overall effect.

The details seem too many for an etsy listing, while the overall effect is hard to capture.Oh well. It is what it is.  Which is better in real life b/c I'm not the photographer I wish I was.
I even came up w/a cheesy little story for it for the listing. A medicine man, a defunct mission and a Martin Luther King quote about the arc of the moral universe... It's not supposed to be cheesy of course. It may be inadvertently cheesy.In other news, here's some more broken goodies I got in the mail.I also got a bunch of chunky-chunks for a very low price here. I literally thought the goldstone was going to be heishi-sized! I read the size, but my mind refused to believe it, I guess. So I put a penny there for y'all to boggle at. A couple bead caps and I'm on the way to another STATEMENT necklace.  I think statement means crazybig. What about a tax-statement necklace? Or a necklace statement? How about a declaration necklace?

In other other news, here is my redonkulous husband's new tattoo:It's the Uruguayan shied/coat-of-arms. He asked me what I thought people would think walking behind him in Uruguay and I said, 'I don't know but I'm gonna pretend not to know you.' One glance at that freckled arm and any Uruguayan would know he was looking at a gringo.  Got quite the reaction from my folks and now we've emailed this picture to my family down south. They're gonna think it's a photoshop trick. Oy vey.

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