Listed some new things. But it seems I'm permanently stuck in the phase of prep for everything- I work everyday but only have 2 things to show for it? Well, I think I'll have a solder piece tomorrow. Damn my job! (Shakes fist passionately.)
Mitsuoko in Vienna. Antique Currency and Fiber Necklace.Mitsuoko in Vienna.
Mitsuoko in Vienna. Antique Currency and Fiber Necklace.OK, I'm head-over-heels for this cord. It's a handkerchief I still somehow had from a High School boyfriend (!!!???). He was from Russia where they actually use handkerchiefs. Anywhoo, I dyed it and wrapped it around a 'leatherette' belt from a dress of my sister's that's been in my closet for 3 years. Then I just stitched away. Couldn't believe the results. It was so easy!
Mitsuoko in Vienna. Antique Currency and Fiber Necklace.The piece of currency (from my WWII stash I've talked about) is actually under an acrylic block that is used for clear stamps. Am I clever? (Or just cheap?) I intended to use it forever. I love when I finally do something I've wanted to do forever. I've also had, forever, a length of brass stamping that you buy by the foot. I used that to shape the frame. Killed my hands- that stuff is rock-hard. But it worked, no? The back is from a tin compact. Very thin, just to keep the bill in place. The black chain is missficklemedia, mistress of supplies. Just a tiny piece, though it looks so substantial. I bent a big link of hers into a hook for the closure. Oh, the cage bead is also mfm. Added a couple clay Indian beads. And some toe jam.
Handmade Clay Beads From India - Half Pound
Is it redundant to add this many pictures to these blog posts? I feel like the 1st picture barely shows off the cord, so I added more, but I know some blogs that show 19 different angles of each jump ring can be a lot much.
Spirit Photography. Victorian Tribal Chandeliers.Spirit Photography.
These bugle beads came in my Opulent Oddities surprise box of goodness. They were on a trim that didn't quite work as-was, and I didn't feel guilty about cutting off the bugles b/c they were already falling off.
Seriously didn't think I'd find a use for them. I never use bugle beads. But sure enough! The nuggety-nugs are from Indonesia- ooooooo. (And thats ooooo as in "you" not ooooo as in "know" or ooooo as in "book." Yup, still an English teacher after all.)
I made the twirly findings for an entirely different purpose, then ended up w/these, which aren't 100% my usual style.
Ever have creative ADD? Where you start something and it turns into 5 other projects and then you undo a necklace or 2 you'd been working on for weeks and at the end you just have a mess of junk all over the place and barely anything to show for it? That was me all week. Supply overload. It short circuits my brains. Restraint is so hard w/so many crazy deals on etsy.  Like the pile of Indian beads above for $5. I daub a little black paint on them and they're delish. I have a strand I'm adding to the solder fossils maybe I'll be able to show by tomorrow. This post is looking wordy. Why do I feel the need to explain where every last thing is from?


stregata said...

The focal is fantastic! Have you tryed annealing the brass trim to make it more maleable?

Malin de Koning said...

Love the handcerchief cord! Super nice! I feel very inspired to try something similar. Sewing is fun. And nice to incorporate in your jewellery too. I like the earrings too. White triangular beads from yuki or dragonbead? I have those in many colours. Oh i am so inspired now! Want to create. But we are off to friends for the day. Well that will be very nice too.

fanciful devices said...

well, the one time i tried annealing copper it practically turned into paper, so no, it hadn't occurred to me. Though now that you say it, I really should have!
Malin- I love that! You saw my stuff and it makes you wanna make stuff! Thats how I feel after seeing only the most wonderful thing ever! I got those beads from yuki. sparrow's been using some of hers, too recently. they are UH.MAY.ZING. Oh, I hate having to do anything else when I'm inspired- makes me nuts.
(and thank you guys for commenting♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)

riv said...

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting this when you did--I was wracking my brain for a way to attach metal rings to the end of the silk cord I'd made, and the method of folding it over and sewing it hadn't even occurred to me until I saw your necklace. I hope you don't mind me taking the liberty of incorporating the technique into my necklace for an upcoming show I'm doing :)

missficklemedia.com said...

Your cord is pure fabulousness.

I totally got those same beads! I thought I might alter them too, but they are kinda cool as they are.

missficklemedia.com said...

Oh, and...
Do you have a torch? Like a butane torch? Cause if you heat the brass until it glows orange, then pickle it and clean it with a brass brush, you can bend and shape it so much easier.

(There. That's annealing in 30 words or less.)