Fickle, Pickle, Nickel, Tickle

Got some stuff from missficklemedia.
This is me getting my pack in the mail yesterday.
It's beyond awesome. I could use her stuff in everything and never have to sweat again.

Enameled Headpins in Your Choice of Color - Set of 10Saffron Yellow - Forged Copper Swirl Clasp with LinkIt's like a time = money thing.Saffron Yellow Links - Patinated Copper FindingsGhost White Patina Textured Copper Chain - Large LinkIf you buy more expensive, artisan elements, you won't have to put in as much time to make the entire thing look interesting.
Verdigris Mini Discs - Patinated Copper FindingsOcean Blue Organic Ovals - 1pr - 50mm But if you use only super high-end art bits, it might not look very "you".
Water and Wood Beads - Patinated Copper BeadsOcean Blue Rectangle - Patinated Copper PendantHowever, if you make everything from scratch, you'll never finish.
  Saffron Patina Textured Copper Chain - Large LinkRusset Red - Patinated Brass LinksGotta find the happy medium. I usually do that by altering vintage and inexpensive bits.
Verdigris Ovals - Patina Brass LinksEmber Rectangles - Patinated Copper CharmsRight now I'm indulging. Is this how rappers feel when they drink Cristal?


Unknown said...

Nice...bead (finding) envy is setting in. :)

~ Laura (Moags)

Spirited Earth said...

gorgeousness,and of course you are correct about the quandary..still i don't think there is any reason to worry the work will not look like you..
what are the chances of that. ;)

Lisa said...

looks like you've found the happy medium! very cool findings.

Unknown said...

I like to flit here and there; altering, forging from raw stock and using other artisans work. Each time I create in one I feel inspired in another area.

At the current moment, I am thoroughly sick of jewelry and I want to move out to the woods and build hut structures and cover them with moss.
I don't know what that's about....