Excuse Me While I Indulge

In gratuitous cuteness.
Ignore the flies and check out the magic at 0:44:

Make sure to have the volume on for the nail clacks:
Here's me tush.
I love me a sloth.
Somewhere in Belgium, this happens.  Not so much cute as surreal.
Kattenstoet 01

And then I ate a peanut.
Thank you CuteOverload.com, for the free happiness injections. Or as I like to call them, Cute Overlords.


Lorelei said...

HEEEEE HEE HEE, that video of the the dog dancing for his kibble cracked me UP! thanks for sharing that. What a good way to start my day!!

Raida Disbrow said...

I love those animals! That squirrel just made my day.