Sunday's Makings.

Did I seriously just spend an hour trying to make these scanned images look decent because I'm too lazy to take pictures? That's not right.
I made a bunch of stuff today. Like these earrings which I thought I could just whip up quick 'n' dirty, but of course ended up taking forever. I had to get the beads in the exact right spot then hammer everything, especially right before and after each of the 8 bead caps so that everything would stay in place. Something kinda different for me. Inspired by Sparrows new round shapes, yet not really imitative.

Another thing that's different is that these will hang parallel to the plane of the ear wire. Parallel to your profile? They won't face you in the mirror? Any of those make sense?
Now these tigereye are crazy simple for me, but I was enjoying the geometric impact of the fat wire. See, I could totally rock these. Hmm, maybe I'll keep them....  Aw, who am I kidding?
And on to the fossils. This one consists of slightly smaller fossils, Ethnic, ornate metal rounds, huge gold stone babies that have both blue and gold mixed along the glittery surface. Those are in big ol' caps, and then redish rudrakshas in a more normal size. The dark violet silk has seed bead wraps along it. It's meant to loop around the neck in a big circle, as opposed to hanging down in front between your boobages.
Same for this one. It uses larger fossils and Indian clay beads which I darkened up with paint. I still have enough fossils for maybe 2-3 sets of earrings. I still have to add links to my book board solders. I 'still have to' a lot of things.  But it's such a relief to get things made. Now I do a happy dance. (And wait and see if anyone says they like them. And if nobody does, decide they suck and do a pathetic dance.)


stregata said...

These pieces rock! Seriously.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Ok, I'm really going to have to ask you to stop being so awesome. It's one thing to be inspired by me, but you can't be inspired AND be better than me, it's rude. because those hammered tear drop earrings are so effin' cracktastic I might have to abandon this computer and just go make something. DAMN the 4 year old is asleep, I can't hammer things.

fanciful devices said...

oh you!
i'm gonna have to use 'cracktastic' with my boss today....