Sacred Hearts.

NEW-- SPECIAL EDITION//// FANTASTIC MEXICAN FOLK ART ANTIQUED PATINA LARGE VICTORIAN/LUMINOUS HEART MILAGRONEW-- SPECIAL EDITION//// FANTASTIC MEXICAN FOLK ART ANTIQUED PATINA EXTRA LARGE FLAMING HEART MILAGROMEXICAN FOLK ART ANTIQUED COPPER PATINA FRIDA'S HEART MILAGROMEXICAN FOLK ART RELIGIOUS SILVER FLAMING HEART MILAGROBEAUTIFUL AND RARE ALL HANDMADE IRIDESCENT TIN PLATE FLAMING/PIERCED HEART MILAGROMetal Sacred HeartLovely embossed French sacred heartNUN'S HOLY WATER VESSEL WITH ANTIQUE BLACK SPOT PASTE RHINESTONE NECKLACEsacred heartsflaming heart milagro pendantLord of Miracles Vintage Scapular and Sacred Heart Ex Voto MilagroRare Devotional Antique Vintage Ex Voto Large MilagroLove me some ex voto. The loveliest are the most expensive of course. I've always been curious to try making some with sheet metal. So today one of my classes was taking a test. Not wanting to miss a minute of potential making time, I took some embossing copper in my purse.
First a bunch of doodles on the back of some vocabulary sheets.
Then on to some free-hand embossing. Ended up overdoing it right at the middle and it broke, but I can fix it. I'm gonna cut it like the middle doodle and oxidize the hell out of it. Then pack it with spackle, figure out where to stick it. I got a couple pocket watch covers rolling around somewhere...


Spirited Earth said...

i love this post,funny too about taking the sheet metal to school.
love your heart collection.
i bet you could carve a design out of some wood then hammer the sheet metal onto that for the repousse look.

stregata said...

Fantastic sacred heart! Can't wait to see the finished piece.

fanciful devices said...

Thank you guys!
yeah, wood is seriously neglected by us jewelry makers, other than in bead-form. I gotta think about that.