You May Have Watched a Cloud Pass Over the Face of the Moon

To counteract the PMS fatigue, I had a Monster way too late in the evening and couldn't get to sleep til 6am. Nevertheless, I find myself having accomplished something today:
The colors are a tanish grey. The focal is a big metal tag that I think originally went on a bottle of superfancy spirits.
The entire back is a bungie cord I found on the sidewalk (and then grunged to death, of course). It hooks on the a broken piece of ancient hardware from Uruguay. (Oh, the tag is urug, too.)
On a stone I've had tucked away forever, which I never thought I'd find use for, it reads, "You may have watched a cloud pass over the face of the moon."


stregata said...

An absolutely inspired piece, fanci!

Jennifer Valentine said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you put words on your work. I can hardly wait to wear my new worded necklace!
love ya Fanci

fanciful devices said...

stole it from sparrow.
er, was inspired by sparrow. i have more words somewhere....
im so glad you 2 like it. someone's asked me to put it on hold!!! even b4 i listed or priced it! (now ima be like $400 ok?)