Weekend Makings

The Sky a Great Dome. Chunky Choker.
Look what 2 uninterrupted days can produce. AND 2 semi-finished necklaces and a tutorial! Oh, happy day.
The Sky a Great Dome. Chunky Choker.
The Sky a Great Dome.
The Net of Eternity. Victorian Tribal Earrings.
The Net of Eternity.
Some Victorian Tribals.
The Curve from Reach to Loss. Victorian Tribal Earrings.
Blue Blood. Glass and Millinery on Sterling Silver.
Blue Blood.
My inability to get my anniversary tattoo led me to some blue and red lust.
Blue Bloods 2. Millinery Flowers on Sterling Silver.
Blue Bloods 2.
And I'm still messing with the PS Elements.
Also, apparently I was featured in the etsy newsletter? Here I was all proud at how my anniversary sale was getting me so much action! Turns out it wasn't that at all. Also, on my announcement, I said to type in 'happy birthday' to get free shipping-- and no one did!!! Goes to show how much announcements get read. Lord knows I don't read 'em!
But yeah, I sold a butt-load. See what exposure does for you, damn.
Still haven't seen said newsletter, cuz I don't get it. If you do, send me a link or something.


~Debi said...

Yep, I saw your necklace in the newsletter, then saw it sold! Congrats!

And congrats on the productive weekend! :)

stregata said...

Congratulations on being featured in the newsletter! So deserved.
"The Sky a Great Dome" is just magnificent - I love the combination of beads and elements!!!

Spirited Earth said...

congratulations on the feature in the newsletter..glad it got some attention to your wonderful work