Dickens Apocalypse

 Custom Fit Tribal Garter Leggings in Your SizeKingdom of God is Within Fine Art Print 11x14 with White BorderGallows and The SeaAzamael the DragonMigration - copper and feather earringsBlonde white peacock feather earringsBartertown Tshirt Beaten and BruisedDominus. Domini. Antique Bone Wood Horn and Rosary Neck Wear.ROAD WARRIOR MINK SCARFnomad TRASH and CONSEQUENCE deconstructed topGarnet Barnacle PendantSomewhere in Time CoatSALE... Unisex Green and Brown Spirulina Vest... Size MediumOracle - Ornate tribal industrial pendant RESERVED FOR internaldarkness AVAILABLE AUGUST 15TH 2010Corset PantsArmwarmers, Black and Brown Velvet Combo, Gothic, Tribal, Black Rock, Bellydance
My wonderfu lfriend, back from England, sparrowsalvage made this gorgeous collection, It features:Dominus. Domini. Antique Bone Wood Horn and Rosary Neck Wear.
Dominus. Domini.
I like the blond peacock feathers, the vertebra colored black (why didn't i think of that?),  the ankh, the copper pendant (that shop has lovely industrial things made of scrap sheet metal)... basically all the jewelry. Because my mind blocks out anything that's not jewelry. Even beautiful dragons.
wooo- the shop w/the feather earrings has-
Peach Moonstone and Steel PendantFreshwater Pearl and Quartz EarringsSteel and Brass Circles NecklaceSmokey Quartz, Copper, and Steel EarringsBlack RavenNest Building EarringsBricks and blue
It's called Tangleweeds. Whycome I can never have a collection this consistent? Hmm. I am sort of getting there, though.
The shop with the Ankh, savage muse,  has this type of madness:
Carnage - Jaw Bone Necklace Good for the punk in your life.

Oh, and today I'm meeting Venus Soberanes, who makes:
Revelatory sun flower And was one of my very first etsy friends and one of the first jewelry makers who encouraged me.  She's here in Chicago and I'm gonna hand deliver this:
Calavera.  Wood and Sari Yarn Assemblage. Yay.


Jennifer Valentine said...

My God that has to be the most incredibly haunting and...and.....and....well....unforgettable treasuries I have ever EVER seen...and the name in itself is amazing. AND YOU, dear one, so deserve to be in it!!!
(and I DO think that you have a pretty darn consistent shop. unlike mine, who has shabby and shiny and then there's that damn pink mirror thing that will NEVER sell.....)

fanciful devices said...

no way. you are consistent! shabby chic in a sweet vintage way. And I, too, have those items that will never sell. They are our cross to bear. I don't know what that means, but I'm gonna go check yours out.