I made jewelry, how unexpected

The focal from Uruguay was originally meant to stand as a mini frame and had a kick-stand type foot. My father-in-law sent me the coyote tooth, and I soldered it.
The 'washers' were giant eyelets from Sparrow.  They were unhammered and bright brass. I set them in a very yarny doily which I'd dyed purple/black, then cut them out.  I also dyed the strip of vintage/antique fabric behind the drop.

The 2 long whitish bone beads are also from Sparrow, from her supply shop.  The 5 of diamonds bead was a gift from Fancylinda.  So was the rhinestone round near the bottom of the drop.  The big ol' topaz rhinestones are from jan's jewels, as well as the textured stones, one navette in the drop, and one octagon on the right.  The horn and wood beads are from beads and pieces. I'm only telling y'all all this b/c people always ask me where I get all my stuff.
These cabochons in these earrings were also a gift from fancylinda. the bezels from jan's jewels, the buttons from my recent flea market haul, the hooks from etsian E2SSupplies I thought I'd splurge. But they originally looked like this b//c I can't leave well enough alone!

Speaking of my bud fancylinda, she has a feature about me in her brand new blog! Go visit b/c she also has some fleamarket eyecandy.
I should add some treasuries, but I'm in a rush to get to work. That's right, work! I've been in total denial about the fact that I have to return.

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