Sparrowsalvage put together one of the most beautiful treasuries I've ever been in. I've just been clicking through these stores, my imagination racing.  Very worthwhile to click through them all.
2 Vintage Beaded Ribbon Pieces Repurposelace knitted stole silk kidmohairDreamer Necklace - vintage antique Lace Beaded Chains on brown velvet with crystals and flowersSomnambulism - Bleached Peacock Feather Brass Chain Recycled Bullet Casing EarringsIndian Head Nickle and Old World Glass BraceletExquiste coral braceletSummerian Goddess Necklace - Antique Hardware CollectionAlice Three Print SetDemiurgic Emanations.  Salvaged Textile Cuff.Pink purple bubbles ring - Rough Smithsonite specimens and sterling silverChained To The Past mixed media wrist cuffShabby Shell EarringsBeads Handmade Papier Mache Boomerang Beads by artspellBrick-shaped Purple and Green Fluorite Beads,  Lot of 30 BeadsArt Lovers Ruffled Bowlhattie weston - chubcake handspun yarn
It includes my this:
Demiurgic Emanations.  Salvaged Textile Cuff.
But check this out:
2 Vintage Beaded Ribbon Pieces RepurposeAnd, well this Indian Head Nickle and Old World Glass Bracelet
this:Summerian Goddess Necklace - Antique Hardware Collection
and thisExquiste coral bracelet   OK, all of them.  check them all out.


Jo Archer said...

They are just beautiful, I'm off to check them out.

By the way Marina, I'm having a clear out of some stuff and wondered if you would like some it.

fanciful devices said...

stuff? i love stuff! what stuff?

Jo Archer said...

Oh no! Now you sound all excited. Don't! I've got loads of junky jewellery bits and bobs, odds and sods. I was going to get rid of some of them and then wondered if you could use them to take apart and work your magic on.

I've put up some photos on Flickr, but please don't get your hopes up. I wish I had something fabulous to send to you. You can have none, some or all.


fanciful devices said...

i just checked em out- its all usable stuff. since i am, as always, drowning in supplies, i put a couple suggestions in the comments that you might want to try. anything else, send my way. so sweet of you to think of me! that's actually totally flattering and sweet- thank you so much.

Jo Archer said...

Ok, e-mail your address and I'll send everything but the seed beads.