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The glorious Raida Disbrow of Havana Beads sent me a self-addressed envelope for ephemera. Quite unexpectedly, she included a set of gorgeous lamp-work beads and a note that read "I'm sure you'll make something beautiful with these." Fair enough, but did you think I'd do so mere hours after receiving them? (OK, the 'beautiful' is for the viewer to decide...)
Thank you Raida, you blew me away.
I have to insist, though, that this giveaway is not a sneaky way for me to get free stuff! It is the best, laziest, way I could think to get rid of massive amounts of beautiful things.
I've already sent a big ol' pack to Stregata, and I'm just waiting for more envelopes to arrive.

Oh, I also got a note from the legendary Opulent Oddities saying that she's been inspired by Sparrow and me (!) to use fiber in her work:
Doesn't that wool look like something the sea dredged up? While the color looks just like hay...
In any case... The Master has  be come the Mastee! No, wait, the Student has become the Studied!  ... The Master has become the Baiter!.... Something like that.
And when I told her what an inspiration she'd been to my even starting to make jewelry she up and told me she was sending me a box of antique goodies. What is up w/you gorgeous people?

OK, treasury time:

Vespa! ... I've always wanted one... by alibli
COLORFUL MEMORIEScoasters for scooter lovers - sweet ride - choose your colorWorld Traveler Gift Tags12oz cup vespa (carnation) - In StockWhen I've Gone. Vespa and Buttons.vintage scooter olive green 3 to 18 monthsVintage Vespa Scooter Calligram Calligraphy Art Print by Joni James on EtsyVespa Scooter Graphic Print Alternative Apparel Girls Cap Sleeve Vintage Soft Navy T-Shirt in S, M, L, XLVespa11x14 Kids Art (Traffic Jam Vespas)Owl on Vespa 6 x 6 PrintVespa , Antiqued Brass Plated Charm Pendant NecklaceVespa Scooter Vinyl PouchLittle Blue Vespa - 4x4 fine art photo printVespa Scooter Coin PurseVrrrroommm Vespa - Fine Art Print 8x10
Thank you Sparrow, for telling me to put "vespa" in the tags/title.


Raida said...

OMG I knew you would make something beautiful with those beads but this necklace takes my breath away! Thanks so much for posting it for everyone to enjoy. Raida

Jennifer Valentine Morford said...

Lucky girl!and I LOVE the creation! OMG. GORGEOUS.

fanciful devices said...

raida, i just dont know what to say. i tell ya, though, w/really beautiful basic elements, making stuff sure is a whole lot faster. i didnt have to sand 'em/cap 'em/paint 'em/wax 'em/oxidize 'em/grunge 'em or anything...

stregata said...

Lucky you! Those beads are so beautiful - and you made them into something awesome!
Thanks so much for sending me some stuff - I will be stalking the postman in anticipation!!!!